The Teenagers

Here’s where you can meet the teenage characters of Doll Dimensions! 🙂


Holly and Poppy

Holly and Poppy are twin sisters…and they make a great team! Holly usually writes the diary-style posts for the blog at Christmas time, and Poppy loves to draw and paint, especially flowers and birds. Someday, they want to write their own book series together, with the illustrations done by Poppy! Both girls are huge bookworms, mainly of classic books, although Holly likes The Secret Garden best and Poppy prefers A Little Princess. They are both in agreement, however, in their obsession with chocolate. 😉


Lizzie is, in her own words, a “Proper British” doll. 😉 She loves hosting elaborate afternoon luncheons, and she enjoys the finer points of being a classical gentlewoman, such as ballet, etiquette, and embroidery. She also adores Jane Austen books and other historic literature. She may seem a bit uptight at first, but in truth, she loves a good adventure. 🙂



Just like her pink hair suggests, Cupid is a fun-loving, extra-enthusiastic gal! She adores bright colors, and her hobbies include knitting and crocheting funky items for her friends and family. She’s also more than a little obsessed with tea, and is never seen without her mug. As she proclaims, “it’s like a hug in a cup!” 😉 She’s also a triplet! Her sisters are Meeshell and Ginger, and it’s pretty easy to see why—they all have hair the color of pink lemonade. 😉



Raven is basically the local sweetie. 🙂 Contrary to what her dark hair might suggest, she’s a big bright spot in the Doll Dimensions household! She isn’t as verbose or outspoken as some of her friends, but Raven is always willing to lend an ear or a helping hand to someone in need. You’ll often find her caring for younger dolls, and the dolls’ menagerie of pets. Although she (like all of the girls) feels that she is too young to “date” a boy, she is Dexter’s sweetheart and they share a love of swing dancing and ice cream.



If you ever need to find Ginger, just look in the kitchen! She’s always cooking or baking treats, and she often pages through vintage cookbooks to find recipes. Her goal is to learn how to make all desserts, no matter how outlandish—and her favorite TV show is Hazel (from the 1960’s). 🙂 Many a time, dolls have found nourishment for their stomachs and hearts in Ginger’s kitchen.



Cerise is an adventurer at heart…she loves exploring, and spending time with horses, whether it be Grace’s Breyer-type horses or the My Little Ponies. She also has a hidden talent—she adores playing her violin, and always plays rousing fiddle-style pieces for the dolls’ square-dances.



If there was ever a word to describe Maddie, it would be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! She’s totally bubbly and enthusiastic, and always lifts the spirits of her friends. She’s wonderful with younger dolls, and her favorite pastime is reading stories for the Kelly/Chelsea dolls. She’s great at doing different voice impressions, which comes in handy for storytelling. If Maddie can’t find a good book, she’ll just make one up as she goes along, much to the joy of the little ones, since her own yarns usually involve plenty of unicorns, cotton candy, and fairies! 😉



A true gentlemen, Dexter is always ready to lend a hand. He shares the interest of swing dancing with his sweetheart, Raven, and likes rambling outdoors with his brothers, Alistair and Hunter. Dexter also enjoys sitting in on Grace’s studying, especially in history. He also has an interest in woodworking, although he can only do it with Grace’s close supervision—you have to be careful around tools when you’re only made of plastic!



As her friends and family like to say, Meeshell is “full of frills”! 🙂 She’s a big sweetheart, and strives to be like her literary hero, Anne of Green Gables. Meeshell spreads her delicate, feminine grace wherever she goes, and always tries to see the world not as it is, but as it could be. She also adores animals of all sorts, and can often be found with the My Little Pony crew, as her mane-braiding skills are renowned. 😉



The local bookworm, Bunny almost always has her nose in a piece of literature. It’s a good thing that Grace’s family has a huge collection of books to keep her busy! 😉 Her favorite series include the Chronicles of Narnia and Little House on the Prairie, and she’s often been seen multitasking in hilarious ways, just so that she can continue reading. Once, she managed to play a game of chess (and win!) whilst reading! She also has the voice of a canary, and loves singing with her sweetheart, Alistair. Her absolute favorite song is “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You”.



Quirky, artistic, and cute, Cedar loves going against the grain (pun-pun-pun-pun-pun 😉 ) and thinking outside of the box. While not particularly a hipster (she thinks that term is too mainstream 😉 ), Cedar does enjoy picking up unusual hobbies and projects from books, videos, and Pinterest. Her interests are always shifting, but she goes through phases, like her “Macrame Phase”, “Ukelele Phase”, “Jell-O Phase”, etc. 🙂 One year, everyone received macrame flower pot holders from Cedar for Christmas. 😉 She’s a natural born problem solver, since she tends to see things in a different, more creative way.



Ashlynn is, in the words of her friends, “practically perfect in every way!” She can adapt to her environment and be a nurturing mother figure for younger dolls, a daring adventurer, or a loyal confidant. She enjoys classical, feminine actives, such as afternoon teas with Lizzie and Meeshell, but she also loves horseback riding with her sweetheart, Hunter. Her absolute favorite literary and movie characters are Mary Poppins and Maria Von Trapp, and she often leads the Kelly/Chelsea dolls in rousing sing-alongs of “Do A Deer” and “A Spoonful of Sugar.”



With her heavy New York accent and love of shoes, you might judge Clawdeen as a bit shallow. In reality, she is a fiercely loyal friend who dreams of being a talk show host! Other dolls often come to her for advice, because although Clawdeen is brutally honest much of the time, she is also wise beyond her years and ends many conversations in, “but that’s just my opinion.” 😉



Many of the others claim that Alistair is like a character from a musical, and it’s true that he breaks into song multiple times a day. Thankfully, his sweetheart Bunny is just as song-prone! Alistair is somewhat shy when you first meet him, but once he knows you, he’ll joke around and laugh almost constantly. He also enjoys exploring the outdoors, and someday wants to write a field guide about nature from a doll’s point of view. Additionally, Alistair is proficient at fencing, and although he tries to keep it on the down-low, his two brothers, Hunter and Dexter, have recently convinced him to teach them. Because of this, they are often called “The Three Musketeers” by their friends!



Hunter is a natural born leader, and is often the catalyst of his brothers’ adventures. Just like them, he enjoys exploring nature, although he is more likely to be the one to climb to the highest tree branch or pick up the unidentified object, no matter the danger! His favorite activity by far, however, is horseback riding with his sweetheart Ashlynn. Hunter also enjoys reading Hardy Boys mysteries, and he has a bit of an obsession with disguises, although he very rarely gets the opportunity to use them. 😉



Just like a southern belle, Operetta is sweet as honey. She’s lively, outgoing, and her specialty is making friends. However, she’s fiercely loyal to her friends and family, and her “mother bear” nature can pop out when those she cares about are in danger. She loves cooking, but it should be noted that there are very few recipes she has made that haven’t burned…thankfully, Ginger and Aunt Mary-Ann are more than patient with her overcooking tendencies, as well as her truly southern habit of adding extra butter and oil to every food! 😉 Because of her thick accent and southern mannerisms, she often giggles in spite of herself at her own way of speaking. One time, it took more than ten minutes for the others to figure out that Operetta was saying that she cooked “lima beans”, since it inevitably came out as “llama beans.” 😉



Similarly to her fellow Brit, Lizzie, Robecca loves everything historic—from clothing, to hobbies, to books! Personally, she prefers the Colonial period to the Regency period…but she’s always glad to discuss both. Although her rocket boots don’t actually work, Robecca enjoys exploring the house, finding unique purposes for everyday objects.



Gigi is a total cutie, and despite the fact that she isn’t actually a genie, she loves watching people’s faces light up when they get what they wish for, so she’s learning to sew and craft from her Aunt Mariposa, and to cook from Ginger and her Aunt Mary-Ann. She hopes that even though she’ll never be able to just “blink” up anything, she might be able to grant small wishes for her friends and family. The others often teasingly call her a worry-wart, but she’s really a lot of fun once she comes out of her shell. Another quirk of Gigi is that she ADORES glitter…she calls herself a “Glitter Collector”, but she often leaves more glitter behind than she collects! 😉 Gigi was also reunited with her mom, Jeannie, when she came to live here last year. 🙂



With her sincere nature and clever wittiness, Scarlet is a friend to everyone, and she loves making other people smile. Scarlet adores playing her saxophone, and although she claims she can’t sing to save her life, her music accompanies many spontaneous sing-alongs. Similar to Grace, Scarlet is a huge fan of vintage, big band-style jazz music, and is even a bit of a DJ on occasion! She is often the driving force behind the dolls’ musical productions, and is very talented at seeing the big picture of things. Although she may seem reserved at first, Scarlet is extremely loyal to her family and friends, and especially protective of younger, smaller dolls.



Spontaneous and funky, Cameron loves performing science experiments and studying with Grace. Her chemical knowledge comes in quite handy for Ginger and Aunt Mary-Ann’s crazy cooking ideas, and she owns more lab coats than she does shoes (one is tie-dyed)! However, she is quite strict on safety rules, and makes sure that anyone within 10 feet of her workshop has goggles. After all, anything can happen with Cameron around!