The Little Ones

Here’s where you can meet the little ones…the sweetest dolls you’ll ever meet! 🙂

Grace has collected Kelly and Chelsea dolls since she was very young, and she still tries to adopt those that she finds in thrift stores who need homes. The little ones adore spending time with their many eager babysitters, and they also love romping and playing with the My Little Ponies. Just like their older brothers and sisters, they have lots of fun singing and dancing whenever they can–although their high-pitched voices sound a bit chipmunk-y at times! 😉 Several of them are twins, such as Carrie and Jennifer, and Jovie and Ellie, but they all feel as though they are brothers and sisters, and happily adopt those in need of a forever home into their circle.

Some of them are holiday themed (Zoe, Jovie, Molly, and Angelica are fittingly nicknamed “The Littlest Elves” 🙂 ), and some of them are modeled after movies, such as Cinnamon from Barbie: Spy Squad and Jennifer from Barbie: Rock n’ Royals, but regardless of their theme, the smallest dolls of the house are more than happy to go on tiny adventures wherever they find them!

*dolls with an asterisk by their name were rescued from thrift stores 🙂 *


From left to right, back row: Valentina, Zoe, Molly, Angelica, Jovie, Ellie, Anne-Marie

From left to right, middle row: Tiffany*, Alex, Gabby, Daphne*, Jennifer*, Carrie*, Cinnamon, Gracie, Tommy, Diana*

From left to right, front row (sitting on ground): Gloria, Shelly, Kelly, Chelsea

Tiffany, Alex, and Gabby
Valentina, Zoe, Molly, and Angelica