About Me

Hello, everyone!

I’m Grace, the geek behind Doll Dimensions. 🙂

I’m obsessed with basically every cartoon you can think of, and I’m also obsessed with all things vintage and retro.  I’m also a serious bookwork, and I love historic literature, like Jane Austen and Little House on the Prairie. My other hobby is creating costumes–from Disney Princesses to historic ball gowns! When I made this blog, I wanted it to be a safe zone–where doll lovers of all ages can enjoy dolls without worrying about inappropriate material! 🙂

Why is this blog called “Doll Dimensions”?  Because I love showing you ways that you can expand the dimensions of your doll collecting, photography, and just good ol’ playing, if that’s what you’re into. 😉 Enjoy looking around the blog! 🙂