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Something Big is Coming to Doll Dimensions!

Hey, guys!

Happy New Year! 😀

My apologies for taking a little break there…and (surprise!) I sort of still am. Due to family get togethers and typical New Years craziness, I haven’t been able to work on normal stuff for the blog…but that’s because I’ve been dedicating all of my hobby time to a HUGE, super, SUPER secret project that should be premiering in a month or so. I can’t WAIT for you guys to see it!!! 😀

What is it? Well, I can’t tell you that…but I can show you some sneak peeks. 😉

First, though, I’d just like to say that I appreciate you guys so, SO much! As of writing this, we have had a total of 22,438 views here on the blog, and that would never have happened had it not been for all of you. I love you guys, you know that? 😉

I also would like to say that I’m going to try changing my blogging approach a little this year. Last year, I tried really hard to post at least once a week, and I think that’ll need to change. I do truly want to post on a regular basis, but I think I want to start taking a “quality over quantity” approach. In other words, you may not see stuff from me as frequently, but when you do it’ll probably be way more fun and more well-thought-out. 🙂

Also, right now I’m doing some stuff with my family and I don’t really have access to a computer, so this post is scheduled and I probably won’t get a chance to reply to comments for a while…thank you for understanding! 😀

But enough of that…let’s get to the good stuff! Here are your first sneak peeks of what’s coming soon from Doll Dimensions Studios! 😉


Awww, who am I kidding? You’ve probably already guessed part of it…but I doubt you can deduce everything from these photos! 😉

Unless, of course, you work for S.H.I.E.L.D. and you have a file on me. 😉

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed, and I hope to talk to you all again very soon! 🙂



22 thoughts on “Something Big is Coming to Doll Dimensions!

  1. Oooh I see Disney! 😀 Your pictures are always so lovely!

    I completely understand about posting less…I’m amazed you can post such quality content so often, so it totally makes sense to slow down! Your readers will still be here for you. 🙂 Happy New Year, and have a fun time with your family! ❤


  2. By the way, I really, really, really enjoyed your touching and sweet story this year, especially the parts about Bunny any Alistair. It made my day to read them, and I would have commented about them earlier, but as you said, end of the year is busy, busy, busy!

    So at least I’m getting around to telling you how much I loved them now, right?

    By the way, I’m a believer in God too, and I really appreciated how you came to terms with owning monster high dolls, as, -obviously God doesn’t like the fact that there are young girls who are playing with dolls meant to represent corpses and demons, -but I liked your approach to them.
    Having them be separate entities from the show who are simply embodiments of different sides of your personality makes them extensions of who you are, and thereby removes all death-related or dark connotations that were perhaps originally associated with the doll.
    I don’t own any myself (and I don’t think I want to), but I can always appreciate a fellow doll enthusiast who puts God first in all that she does.

    I’m not sure if I’m looking into this too deeply, but I appreciate your stance on things such as that, and how you seem to want to preserve and protect the innocence of yourself and those around you.


    1. Hi Danielle! 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words…I am so very glad that you enjoyed everything! 😀 And no, you’re not reading into it too much at all! I completely agree. It’s good to hear of another Christian doll fan. I did struggle a lot initially with whether or not I should own Monster High dolls—it seemed like opportunities kept coming up where they would cost practically no money, and my mind kept going to creative projects that I could do with them. I’m actually in the process now of selling many of my Monster High dolls that are not my favorites, that merely came in a large lot—and I only plan on keeping the “non-creepy” ones, i.e. Gigi the genie. I just haven’t had time until now. You’re spot on, though—I don’t really pay any attention to what they were initially intended to be. I did watch a few of the Monster High TV specials when I was initially trying to decide if they were inappropriate in any way—aside from the initial monster theme, and because I didn’t love love love the webisodes or tv specials, I decided to treat them like blank slates, sort of like a Barbie—who doesn’t have a prewritten backstory. You’re especially spot on in saying that they’re sort of extensions of my own personality. One of the things that I did happen to like from the Monster High media was the fact that Frankie Stein was given such a peppy personality (A lot like me) and was all about including new kids…and so although I really don’t like the skulls and coffins, I do appreciate a few of the character traits. I wouldn’t have normally included Toralei in the Christmas Carol, except in my head all of my dolls have very friendly personalities, and out of the dolls I was about to sell she was the only one that I wasn’t attached to enough to give a “Scrooge”-like personality.

      Thank you so much for commenting, and I really appreciate your insight! I’m actually working now on a post for later this year, where I really just want to write about being a light for God in a world that can often be full of darkness. I know that some people do use Monster High dolls for inappropriate purposes, and I want to show that they don’t have to be like that—they can be your own character without any connotations from what a multi-million dollar company says they are.

      Thank you again, Danielle! 🙂


      1. No problem! I am so happy you replied, (I didn’t see your post until now, we’ve been having occasional internet problems, haha) it is really refreshing for me to be able to talk about dolls with someone who loves God too, so I was happy to find out that you’re a Christian. I always felt that your blog was a safe place where there wouldn’t be any gross or perverted content, but now that I know for sure, it makes me even happier I found your blog. Your posts are so uplifting and inspiring.

        I was also relieved to find that the doll community was such a supportive and fun community; nobody in my family likes dolls, so I don’t talk about them, and my parents don’t even know I am still interested in them. (How could you not be though? They’re like miniature works of art that you can craft for and play with!)
        And it’s people like you that make our little corner of the internet so wonderful, keep up the awesome job!

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    1. Haha, I *do* love Pocket Princess! However, I wasn’t thinking at all of them when I wrote this…it’s pretty different, but the princess theme is similar! And, hint hint, you’re not too far off with the modern thing. 😉 ❤


  3. Yeee! I’m so EXCITED!
    Is it a modern Disney Princess sort of theme? XD

    Also may I ask if you could make an amino account and join Toy Amino! It’s an awesome and friendly community with all sorts of toy collectors (the most popular being dolls) and I can guarantee you’ll love it!

    Keep being awesome!

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