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A Doll Dimensions Christmas Carol: The Finale Part 2

Hello, dearest readers!

Holly O’Hair here!

I know that I already shared with Toralei’s part of what happened last night, but now I’m super excited to share with you my narrative of our 2nd Annual Christmas Spectacular, AKA the best night of my life! (I know I said that last year, too, but it’s true! 😉 )

Without further ado, here we go!

At about 7:45 pm, stuffed animals, action figures, dolls, and loads of other toys began to gather. I was shocked–the crowd was about twice as large as it was last year! Apparently, word has gotten around over the past year. 😉

As a hush fell over the crowd, the curtains drew open to reveal the seven sweet little girls who were poised and ready to sing, dressed in their Christmas best. They sang Away in a Manger, and tears started streaming down my face as I heard their clear, young voices ring out the story of the birth of our Lord.

“Come on, Holly,” I thought to myself. “The show just started, and you’re already bawling!” 😉

 Honestly, though, they were so cute, and I was ridiculously proud of how my honorary little sister had welcomed two new friends into our home and made them feel like they belonged. Their melodious little voices rang out through the house, and I felt like I was going to burst with happiness! 🙂


In case you all our curious, from left to right their names are:

Carrie, Gloria, Chelsea, Diana, Kelly, Shelly, and Jennifer. 🙂

This is a bit off-topic, but Grace has had Shelly (the one in the black and white dress) since she was about 5 years old. Once, Shelly was lost in a parking lot and miraculously, she was still there that evening. Grace was so thrilled that she was okay! Also, Gloria, Chelsea, and Kelly were given to Grace when she was about 5 or 6 years old at Christmas time. It made me so happy that each and every one of these little dolls has a very special connection to Christmas, and now Jennifer and Carrie have joined the group. :’)


Isn’t Diana the cutest? 🙂img_0555

Carrie, especially, couldn’t stop smiling. She was wearing this adorable elf outfit that Grace found, and she reminded me a lot of Jovie from the Elf movie. 🙂img_0556

As the crowd burst into applause, the girls grinned and hugged each other. They scurried off stage where we all congratulated them.

And would you know…no one was happier than Carrie and Jennifer. 😉

As the curtains drew closed, Dexter and Raven smiled nervously and breathed deeply. When the red velvet curtains opened again, the two were standing back to back, and Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow began to play (it was this version).


Raven was looking gorgeous in a vintage-inspired gown that Grace made, and Dexter was wearing a dapper suit that he borrowed from Ken.             img_0566img_0568

They twirled and danced, and it was truly epic. 🙂img_0569img_0570

At the end, they bowed and curtsied as the audience cheered, and left the stage with shining eyes. Backstage, we were all whooping and hollering and singing along, too. 🙂img_0573

Next up were Frankie, Poppy, Ginger, Cameron, Cupid, and Scarlet, who were playing a jazz version of Sleigh Ride. It’s actually pretty neat–they got and memorized the music from Grace, who actually played a jazz Sleigh Ride in her homeschool band!

They were bundled up in scarves and sweaters, to fit with the winter theme. 🙂 They did a fabulous job!


As the audience clapped and cheered, I drew in a huge breath and looked back in the branches of Grace’s family’s Christmas tree (AKA backstage). Bunny was hidden away, waiting for the time that she would make her entrance and surprise Alistair.

We entered the stage, and as the curtains opened, I couldn’t stop smiling. But if you knew me, you’d know that I’m AWFUL at keeping surprises secret, so I had to bite my tongue to keep from grinning like a dork and giving away the surprise!

I was so thrilled, though–Blondie, Operetta, and I were wearing various red dresses that Grace had made, and Alistair was looking handsome in a navy blue tux.

As the accompaniment for All I Want for Christmas is You started up, I squeezed Blondie and Operetta’s hands and they squeezed back. It seemed as though all of Christmas depended solely on the next three minutes.

By the way, in case you’re curious, our song was slightly edited from this version by Michael Buble. 🙂


We swayed in time to the music as we waited for our cue, and everything seemed to be going perfectly.img_0576

Alistair was smiling, but I could see behind his eyes that he was thinking of his long lost Bunny as he sang the words.img_0582

The song continued, and as Bunny’s cue approached, my heart beat faster and faster in my plastic chest.img_0584img_0585

Alistair stepped in front of us as he sang the next words, and I could just barely see a single tear in the corner of his eye. img_0589

But just then, as Alistair’s back was turned, Bunny slipped out from behind the red velvet curtain, looking beautiful in a red velvet and white lace gown that Clawdeen had stayed up all night working on.



And then, in one truly magical moment, the song reached a climax, and Alistair sang,

I don’t want a lot for Christmas,

This is all I’m asking for,

No I just want to see my baby,

Standing right outside my door…

There was a pause in the music, where the girls and I were supposed to pick up the next line by ourselves, but instead all was silent. You could have heard a pin drop.

And all of a sudden, Bunny’s soft alto voice rang out,

I just want you for my own,

More than you could ever know…


Alistair whipped around in surprise when the voice he heard wasn’t that of me, Blondie, or Operetta.

He blinked, hard, and his hand clapped over his mouth in shock as he faced the girl that he had thought was lost forever.img_0595

She continued singing, her turquoise eyes glimmering with tears of joy.

Make my wish come true…


Her voice broke into a laugh as she took Alistair’s hands.

“It’s–it’s you!” he choked. She nodded and laughed again.

“It’s YOU!” he repeated, this time with rejoicing in his voice.img_0597

Blondie, Operetta, and I softly finished the song, as the entire audience broke out into huge cheers of delight.

The two embraced each other, and I was cheering myself. 🙂img_0599

Alistair picked up Bunny by the waist and twirled her around, and I had never seen him so happy. 🙂 As the curtains closed and we walked off of the stage, Alistair whispered in our direction,

“Thank you. Just…thank you!” And my Christmas was officially made. :’)img_0600

Everyone backstage had been cheering, and now Briar, Lizzie, Cerise, Apple, Ashlynn, and Cedar grinned and wiped away tears as they walked on for their Rockette number. They were dancing to The Twelve Days of Christmas, and it seemed like I was going to burst from sheer thrill. 😀img_0604

I was so proud of the outfits we had worked so hard on!img_0608img_0609img_0610

And wouldn’t you know–they didn’t miss a beat. 😉img_0614img_0619img_0621img_0622

As they approached the hardest part–the kickline–everyone backstage started clapping in time to the music, and it was awesome!! 😀img_0625img_0628

They took a bow, and I didn’t think the applause could get any louder.img_0636

But as our friends walked off with grins on their faces, the audience started to realize that unlike last year, this wasn’t our finale. No, we had something even better planned. 😉

Have any of you all ever heard the song Shake up Christmas by Train? It’s one of our absolute favorites here in the Doll Dimensions household! 🙂 It’s such an upbeat song, so we had decided to use it for our grand finale.

Hunter and Ashlynn walked onto the stage, carrying only a simple guitar.


They winked at each other, and Hunter began quickly strumming the guitar and Ashlynn began to sing.

Shake up the happiness,

Wake up the happiness,

Shake up the happiness,

It’s Christmas time…

And as they continued to sing, Shelly, Carrie, Diana, Jennifer, Chelsea, Gloria, and Kelly ran out onto the stage and joined in. The audience clapped and cheered, but we were far from done. 😉img_0655

Next, Dexter and Raven danced in and sang, too. It was sort of like one last bow for everyone! 😀img_0658

Next up was the band, who had, incidentally, had left their heavy instruments backsage. 😉img_0661The Doll Dimensions Rockettes were next, and the applause got louder and louder…img_0663

But it blew up into squeals of delight when, finally, Blondie, Operetta, Alistair, Bunny, and I joined in with the words,

Shake it up, shake up the happiness
Wake it up, wake up the happiness
Come on all, it’s Christmas time
Shake it up, shake up the happiness
Wake it up, wake up the happiness
Come on all, it’s Christmas time
Ho, ho, ho,
Ho, ho, ho,
It’s Christmas time


And indeed, we shook up the happiness! At this point, the entire audience was on their feet, clapping and singing along….

…But none louder than me. I simply couldn’t believe it–in one month, my friends and I had done so much. We had welcomed two new little girls into our family, we had impacted another doll’s life in a way that we didn’t even expect, and most of all…img_0668

…we had reunited two dolls who didn’t think they would ever see each other again. img_0671

And with that, I say to you all, img_0672

Have a very, very, very Merry Christmas, from all of us here at Doll Dimensions!

14 thoughts on “A Doll Dimensions Christmas Carol: The Finale Part 2

  1. *standing ovation*

    Wonderful job, Holly and the gang! I absolutely love all the outfits, please tell Grace she did an amazing job…I can’t imagine making that many of them! The kickline looks fantastic, I know from experience how hard those are to do. 😛 And I may have been getting a little choked up at Bunny and Alistair’s reunion… :’) I’m so happy they were reunited!

    I hope you do more posts in the future, Holly, I really enjoyed reading these. You’re a wonderful writer! ❤ Merry Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll admit, I choked up, too. 😉 ❤ Thank you SO much, and I'm so so glad you enjoyed it! ❤ A Very Merry Christmas to you and your doll family, too! Please tell Ani I said hello! 🙂 ❤
      ❤ Holly ❤


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