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The Search Continues: A Doll Dimensions Christmas Carol Chapter 4

Hi guys!!

This is Holly O’Hair, here with another diary entry for today! I hope you like the “every other” day pattern with these, because I sure do. 🙂

In case you’re just coming in on this now, and you’re thinking, “why is a doll writing this?” you can read the first three parts below. 🙂

A Doll Dimensions Christmas Carol Chapter 1

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Okay, here we go!

Last night, we decided to have a sleepover in the courtyard, both to keep Toralei out and to have some extra Christmas fun. 🙂 We worked long into the night, singing our favorite Christmas songs, drinking peppermint tea, and finishing our Christmas decor.

Grace found a box of Christmas ornaments and toys just our size, so we had loads of fun polishing and cleaning them and sprucing up our little corner of the house.



When we finally flopped onto our sleeping bags, everyone was thoroughly exhausted—but in a good way.

It was pretty amazing, actually. Last night we welcomed two sweet little girls into our doll family. They’re pretty close to twins, and they came from the same home. Grace spotted them at her local Goodwill, and since Grace has had a huge love for Kelly/Chelsea sized dolls since her early childhood, she just had to buy them.


Their names are Jennifer and Carrie, and they’re both super, super sweet. I think maybe Jennifer is from the Barbie Rock n’ Royals movie doll line, and I’m not sure about Carrie. However, if you read my post from earlier this week, you’ll remember that the brand or model of a doll is almost never an indication of their personality. 😉 Jennifer and Carrie didn’t have much of a past life…they had been bought and donated to Goodwill pretty quickly, and the poor things didn’t even have names when they got here…a situation that was quickly remedied. 🙂

We decided to name one of them after Jennifer from Squirrel Picnic…She’s been a huge part of Grace deciding to start blogging in the first place: when she featured Grace’s crochet work in two different comics. I think it’s pretty safe to say that I wouldn’t be writing this if she hadn’t been so kind and inspirational to Grace, and we couldn’t think of a better role model to name her after! 🙂

Anyway, they were both pretty shy until Diana took them under her wing. Diana is amazing like that—she can interact so adeptly with dolls of any age, from toddlers on up to adults. She can relate to anyone, and she’s an awesome listener when it’s needed.

The best way that I think of to describe Diana is with a quote from Grace’s favorite book of all time, Carry On, Mr. Bowditch. In the story, Nat Bowditch (the protagonist) says that his childhood friend (whom he marries later on) has “eyes in the back of her heart”, meaning that she could sense when people needed attention and know how to comfort them. As it turned out, Diana’s enthusiastic welcoming was exactly what Jennifer and Carrie needed. She took them around and introduced them to everyone, then plopped down on the floor and started repairing the ripped braided tinsel garlands with them. She showed them what to do, and then chatted about Christmas traditions. As it turns out, Jennifer and Carrie have never had a real Christmas…and when they told Diana that they’ve never received a gift of their own before, she resolved to make this Christmas the best they’ll ever have!


I couldn’t help but smile every time I looked over and saw the three girls giggling and having fun, like sisters should. 🙂

 I awoke with a start this morning when I sleepily glanced at the clock and saw that it read 10:15. We had planned to start our Christmas Spectacular rehearsals at 8:00! However, when I looked around at all of my friends sleeping so peacefully, I smiled and just couldn’t bear to wake them. Instead, I tiptoed out of the studio and into the adjoining kitchen, where Grace and Ginger were baking some blueberry muffins. (Ginger is always the first awake, because she likes to bake breakfast for everyone early.) As the smell wafted through the studio, everyone else woke up and groggily came to get a muffin.

 Despite our late start, we were all thoroughly awake and ready to start the rehearsal by 10:45. Our stage isn’t totally finished yet, but it was good enough for us to practice on. The opening act of the show was going to be the band number that I mentioned earlier, to the song “Sleigh Ride.” Everything went very smoothly, and Blondie (who is, as usual, the director 😉 ) read off of a clipboard which act was next.

img_0425As Diana, Kelly, Chelsea, Shelly, and a few of the other younger dolls got ready for their song, Blondie checked on the various show costumes with Clawdeen, who’s in charge of wardrobe. I smiled in pleasure as I saw the beautiful gowns and dresses, many of which I had helped to make. I watched as Raven and Maddie lined up all of the Kelly dolls (although I suppose they’re actually called Chelsea dolls now) and they started to sing their song, “Away in a Manger.” Their tiny voices were so cute, and I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing as I imagined how much they sounded like the Chipettes from Alvin and the Chipmunks. 😉

img_0420Jennifer and Carrie watched from the sidelines, with big, happy eyes. Diana had promised them that after today, she could teach them the song and they could perform it at the show, and they couldn’t be more thrilled. 🙂 We had also found some Christmas outfits for them, and I was just as excited as they were. 🙂


It was then that Poppy came up and lightly tapped me on the shoulder. She held a finger to her lips, and led me out of the studio and into Grace’s bedroom, where Grace was waiting excitedly.


“Guys!” she exclaimed. “I just responded to a Craigslist ad for a doll lot that includes a Bunny doll! I couldn’t really tell in the pictures, but it looked like she might have a little spot on her neck like Alistair described.” My eyes lit up, and I asked her when we could go see the dolls, and, if she really was the right Bunny, buy her.


“I’m supposed to meet them in an hour…they’re only a block or two away.” We decided that Poppy and I would hide in Grace’s purse, and pop out just long enough to question the Bunny doll to see if she was the real one.

Fast forward an hour, and I had never seen Grace so disappointed. It hadn’t been the right Bunny. She was nice, of course, but we just couldn’t take her home, not when Alistair’s heart was aching for another girl who happened to look identical to this one! It felt awful to go home empty handed, but Grace’s mom had the idea to stop in a thrift store on the way home. I figured it couldn’t hurt, but our efforts were to no avail.


We dejectedly walked back into the house, our shoulders slumped with disappointment. When I peeked through the glass door of the studio, I could see everyone crowded around a large cardboard box excitedly. Ashlynn ran up to us, her face aglow.


“Guess WHAT?” she asked excitedly. Before I could answer, she continued with a huge grin. “Our dancing shoes came in the mail!”

Suddenly it made sense. Grace had ordered a doll shoe lot online about a month ago, and we had planned to paint them all gold or silver for our Rockette dance number. Last year, we had made our own shoes using foam rubber, but they were sort of flimsy and we were thrilled at the prospect of getting real ones. Similarly to her animated counterpart (it’s pretty much the only similarity 😉 ), Ashlynn is OBSESSED with shoes. 😉 As we entered the studio, we saw that everyone was trying on the new shoes, which were for now various pastel shades.

img_0436Cedar, who is the artistic one around here, is in charge of painting the shoes, and she was already hard at work painting the star shaped heels gold with green dotted accents. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw my friends strutting around in their new shoes, despite my disappointment about Bunny.


I don’t know if our search for Bunny is going to be a success, but I have made a promise to myself that I will NOT give up…and I won’t.




10 thoughts on “The Search Continues: A Doll Dimensions Christmas Carol Chapter 4

  1. *sips peppermint tea
    Stop with the cliffhangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brie sounds like a dying, demented chipmunk when she sings, so I know how it feels to have dolls sing like that. I love her commitment to finding Bunny, she’s so sweet. Again, amazing story, as always. Why am I surprised by this? I knew you were a great writer already. Awesome job peasants. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  2. What a fun story, Grace! I love that you are telling the story of these dolls through their diary entries. What a cool idea! I am so honored that you named one of your new dolls after me. You are so cool! One of the best things about blogging is that I got to meet amazing and talented people like you. Keep up the good work with you blog. You’ve got me hooked and I’m looking forward to reading more of your doll dimensions saga. Merry Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

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