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Decorating, New Friends, and a Search: A Doll Dimensions Christmas Carol Part 3

Hello, DD Friends!!

(I’ve been trying to come up with a fun name for you lovely readers…Super Doll Friends? Doll Dimension Travelers? USS DD Crew? Whoops, lettin’ my inner Trekkie out. 😉 )

Anyway, I hope you’re having a fabulous week! Do you all have your Christmas shopping done yet? I’m still working on mine. 🙂

But back on track! I hope you all have been enjoying A Doll Dimensions Christmas Carol! 🙂 I had so much fun writing this and I’m really excited to turn it back over to Holly for her diary entry for today. 🙂

BTW, if you missed the first two posts, you can find them at these links:

With that, here’s Holly!

Hi guys! I’m so lucky to get to write about my little doll life for you guys! I’m thrilled that you all want to hear about it. 🙂

As the day went on, our spirits lifted tremendously. Every once in a while, someone would break into song or dance and everyone would join in, Broadway musical style. That’s just how we are around here—Grace has been a dancer for as long as we can remember, and she sings in a choir and plays the flute, too. Also, Buddy and Jovie are great singers, and they taught us several new songs that no one in the world has even heard yet. After all—they got it straight from the source: the North Pole. See, it’s sort of hard to explain, but after Elf on the Shelf dolls are put away for the year, they somehow get transported to the North Pole, where they assist with toy making and other responsibilities until it’s time for them to return. I don’t fully understand it—and if you want to know more, you may wish to ask your local Elf on the Shelf. 😉

The next day (which was today), the decoration disaster had been almost completely forgotten. Almost everything was as it should be—all of the dolls and ponies were having fun just enjoying our Christmas cheer. We were planning our 2nd Annual Christmas Spectacular, and it had been decided that our Rockette line would make a reappearance. 🙂 Clawdeen, Evie, and Rarity were hard at work on one side of the room, stitching together our outfits, which you can get a sneak peek of here. 😉



Aren’t Rarity’s sewing glasses the cutest? 🙂img_0379

Eeeeep! I can’t wait to wear our Rockette outfits on Christmas Eve!img_0381

In another corner, all of the Disney girls were working on their acapella medley, whilst Elsa, Abbey, and Periwinkle perfected their snow and ice effects for the show.

I was practicing a big band-style jazz band arrangement with the dolls who play instruments. It was coming together quite nicely, and we were laughing and having even more fun than last year!

Soon, we paused and dispersed for a water break. I was heading over to where Grace was baking gingerbread in the kitchen with Ginger and Poppy to see how everything was coming along when I happened to pass by the door that leads into the garage.img_0393 It was slightly cracked, and I was going to close it when I heard something. I listened closer and realized that it was Alistair!

“Woah,” I thought. “Total deja vu.” I leaned a little closer and heard the strains of “Baby Please Come Home.” I peeked in, and saw Alistair sitting on the edge of one of the Christmas decoration boxes with his back towards me.

img_0391“The snow’s coming down.

I’m watching it fall.

Lots of people around,

Baby please come home.

All the lights on the tree

I’m watching them shine.

You should be here with me,

Baby, please come home.

They’re singing “Deck The Halls”,

But it’s not like Christmas at all.”

I turned away and my eyes watered.

img_0395I remembered Alistair’s hope last year that Bunny Blanc would be given to Grace. I didn’t get time  to explain this last year, but Alistair has a special connection to a certain Bunny. Back when Alistair was sitting in Target, before Grace bought him, he had gotten to know a Bunny doll. They had been the last dolls of their characters in the store, and they had talked and laughed and become great friends. Dolls of their characters were often bought together, so he was hopeful that they would be, too. But only a few minutes before Grace had walked onto the toy aisle, someone else had walked up and purchased Bunny—but not Alistair. Shortly afterwards, he was brought here, where he was welcomed with open arms. He has said before that he loves it here and wouldn’t have it any other way, but I know that he misses her. As I heard him pouring his heart into this song, with his head in his hands and his back slumped with sadness, my heart was breaking. I wished that there was something I could do—but I knew that she had left a hole in his heart that may never heal.

I resolved right then and there that somehow—someway—I am going to find Bunny. I don’t know when it will happen (maybe not before Christmas), but I will find her. I know everything he’s told us about her: she has a little spot of paint on the right side of her neck, her left shoe has a scratch mark on the side, she has always wanted to try a dill pickle, her favorite singer is Elvis, and if she could have any car she would want it to be a mint green VW Beetle.

Tiny sidetrack here, but like most dolls, Alistair’s Bunny isn’t exactly like the Bunny from the Ever After High show, which is why she has an affinity for Elvis and pickles. 😉 It’s a topic for another time, but in a nutshell, we dolls are almost never exactly like our animated counterparts. That’s partially why it took Grace a long time to get into collecting Monster High and Ever After High dolls…because she didn’t want to be labeled as just another girl following the crowd and buying whatever was trending. It also took her a while to evaluate if she wanted to buy dolls that had a pre-written backstory…she thought initially that it might mess up any creative storytelling if we were already created to be the daughter of Snow White or Frankenstein. Grace and her family are also Christians, and it took her a while to decide if it would be consistent with her world view to own dolls that were modeled after monsters. In the end, however, she discovered that each doll is their own person—er, doll, and often is nothing like what the company that made them created them to be. Take Draculaura, for example—just because Mattel made her to be the daughter of Dracula doesn’t mean that OUR Draculaura is that way. In fact, our Draculaura doesn’t talk or act like her cartoon version at all!

Anyway, all that to say that this Bunny is very special…she just happens to look exactly like a few thousand other dolls. The next time that Grace goes yard sale and thrift store shopping, I’ll make sure to go, too. Finding one Bunny out of the thousands that were (and are still being) produced will be tricky, but when I heard my friend singing with an amount of loneliness I could never have imagined, I just knew that it HAD to happen. Bunny is probably somewhere in the Bay Area of Florida—that’s a start. Maybe I can ask Barbara for help…she’s a great detective. At the time, I was thinking so deeply that I yelped in surprise when Poppy bumped into me, carrying a tray of gingerbread cookies that had been decorated with swirly white frosting.img_0396

“Ooooh, sorry sis!” Poppy blushed as she straightened the cookies that she had just barely saved from sliding off of the tray.

“That’s fine, Pop, it was my fault,” I smiled. “I was just thinking really hard.”

“You wanna go eat some of these cookies and tell me about it?” Poppy asked with a grin.

Poppy is such a great sister. She gives wonderful advice and is willing to listen every time I get caught up in a problem. She’s also really good at keeping secrets, so I knew that if I told her about Alistair, she would keep it on the down-low. We perched on the edge of the kitchen counter, letting the coffee pot behind us warm our backs. I smothered my worries in the spicy, still-fresh-from-the-oven gingerbread and told my twin sister all of my concerns and how I wanted to help our Wonderlandian friend.


My sister and I were deep in conversation when a pair of dark, shiny ponytails climbed nimbly over the edge of the counter and popped up to reveal Diana’s chipper little face.


“Holly! Poppy!” She called, her gray eyes huge with excitement and her voice out of breath from running.

“What is it, sweetie?” Poppy asked.

“Grace—found—TWO—dolls, my age—at the thrift store!” Diana explained as she gasped for breath. “They’re twins, and they need a home really bad!” Suddenly, my conversation with Diana a few days earlier made a lot of sense. When she had said that she wanted to help someone, she meant that she wanted to give someone else a home like we had done for her.

“That’s awesome, Di!” I exclaimed as she impulsively hugged me and Poppy in her sweet, spontaneous way.

“She’s gonna let me meet them tonight! And I wanna make this Christmas reeeeally special for them!” Diana explained. I guess all young children have big ideas, but Diana has this way about her of really following through on all of her plans. Even with everything else going on, I want to help my honorary little sister so badly…I’ll make time.


I hope you enjoyed! I can’t believe we’re getting so close to Christmas….and I have a feeling it’ll be an exciting week! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Decorating, New Friends, and a Search: A Doll Dimensions Christmas Carol Part 3

  1. I hope you can find Bunny, Holly… that’s a wonderful goal, and I’m sure you can manage it! (I, too, would love a mint green VW beetle, hehe.) 🙂 Great post, the second Christmas Spectacular sounds, well, spectacular! 😛

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  2. I’m in love with this story. Poppy looks amazing, I love her hair. I feel so bad for Alistair, I hope he feels happy again with or without Bunny. Also, you can write really, really well. 🙂 Poppy I’m stealing your gingerbread.

    Liked by 2 people

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