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Throwback Thursday: a Look at my Childhood Polly Pocket Collection!

HEY YOU GUYSSSS! (sorry, I watched that show a TON when I was younger, and as you’re about to see, this is a reminiscing post 😉 )

It’s been pretty crazy here at Doll Dimensions Headquarters…I just started a 6 week Spanish 2 course, in addition to all of the usual chaos, and I’m working behind the scenes a lot on Christmas stuff. I may not get to post as much as usual over the next few weeks, but just know that it’s leading up to some (hopefully!) great Christmas posts and such! I’m getting super excited for you all to read A Doll Dimensions Christmas Carol…let’s just say that I cried a lot while writing it. In a good way. 😉

Anyway, today I’m super stoked to start a new series here on the blog…Throwback Thursday! As I may have mentioned before, I have two awesome brothers who were great about playing with me when we were younger. As you’ll soon see, I’ve got some pretty, shall we say, interesting (and hopefully hilarious), stories about the stuff we did together as kids. 😉 So brace yourself, ’cause you’re about to step into the Doll Dimensions time machine and get a peek into my childhood. 😉

One of the biggest deals to me in the toy world when I was about 6 years old was Polly Pocket. Being in a homeschooled family, I was often tagging along to extra-curricular activities that my brothers did, like baseball practice, so I always had something to entertain myself. 🙂 Most of the time, it was either a few My Little Ponies (Generation 3, if you’re wondering 🙂 ), or a Barbie, or my Polly Pocket bag. 🙂 Polly Pockets were perfect…they were small enough that I could carry a bunch of them and their clothes with me, but their rubber clothes weren’t too fiddly. Speaking of which, I was always SO excited when I got a new Polly Pocket set…mainly because the new rubber clothes started out sooooo smooth and easy to slide on the dolls!

When I was playing by myself, I did the typical stuff a 6-year-old would have done…you know, games about all the girls going to a party, moving into a new house, making a new friend, etc. When I was with my brothers, however, this all changed. For the better. 😉 My brothers were perfectly willing to play with me and my girly stuff, as long as they got to decide exactly what we did….

…which was actually a full-on sitcom. About Polly and her friends. XD Looking back, I really, really wished that we had filmed it…and even though we never did, we certainly acted as though we were. Every time we played, we called it an “episode”, and there were even two-parters sometimes, with a cliffhanger! Those usually happened when we had to go eat lunch or go to bed. 😉 There was a main cast, special guest stars, and even an end credits song that we ALWAYS did when the adventure was over. The end credits song was actually the “demo mode” of a little keyboard that someone had once given us. We never took the time to fully learn to use it, so we just used the demo song. 😛 At the end of every episode, the dolls would all dance around to the song and my brother would narrate who had been in the episode, and sometimes hint at the next installment. The best part, however, was that everything we did was totally unscripted. I think my brother had an overall plot in mind, but all of the funny dialogue we had was totally on-the-fly. 😉

Anyway, I recently re-discovered the box containing ALL of my Polly Pocket stuff, and unearthed a long-lost character that we all thought was gone for good!

I did my best to recreate how we always made the sitcom set, but we usually did it on my bedroom dresser, with a ton of jewelry boxes for dividers and such. We got our furniture from a ton of sources, so only a few pieces are actually Polly Pocket brand. 😉 100_5773

We typically had the dining room, the living room, a walk-in closet, and on occasion the kitchen, and we usually ended up roaming to different areas of the house during the episode.

You know what’s crazy? Since the last time I played with these dolls, I have never changed their clothes….so that means that they are wearing the exact same outfits that they wore during the last “episode” (which I may have done by myself since my brothers were in college then). Each character had a “signature” outfit or two, which was typically  not the same outfit that they came in, and was usually decided by my brother. 😉 I have NEVER changed them since then. Since I found a few photos online of the dolls I had that were dated 2006, that means that these dolls have been wearing the same outfits for approximately 10 years!!!


Getting back on track, here is the replica set I tried to create!

The wooden furniture is all from an older dollhouse that we had, but we honestly didn’t care that it was a little out-of-proportion. 😛 Also, I’ll explain why there’s a sparkly pink dog and an Ariel doll in a moment. 😉
The stuff that you see in this picture is pretty much the only licensed Polly Pocket furniture we owned…and that sofa folds out into a sofa bed!

Just to prove that we kept EVERYTHING, I even have the tiny DVD that came in the DVD case with the TV. 😀


We usually set up a beauty/closet area, ’cause where else are the girls gonna keep all those shoes?! 😉
The sink was actually a dog beauty parlor sink, but we could have cared less about that. 😉

Now, I’d like to introduce you to the cast of our sitcom, which I guess was called the Polly Pocket Show…we never really had an official name. 😉

First up, the main 3 characters. Most kids would have called any blonde PP doll “Polly”, but then again, we were not most kids. 😉


In the middle, you see the real Polly…we considered her to be the real one because she had the high ponytail, and none of our other ones did. 😉 I usually “controlled” Polly, which was our word for talking for her and moving her around during the course of the episode.

On the left is Chelsea, who I got to name and control most of the time. Actually, I believe that Chelsea came in a Hawaiian luau outfit, and my nana (aka my grandmum) actually got her to put on a birthday cake for my mom when I was about 5 years old! Chelsea actually looks a lot like my mom, so we put her on the cake surrounded by candles shaped like purses. 🙂 (As you can tell, mom gave me Chelsea afterward 😉 )

The other main character (on the right of Polly) is Lea, who my oldest brother usually controlled. I actually really distinctly remember my mom going to get a haircut one time, and I told her that she should get it to look like Lea. 😉 Looking back, I think she actually did. 😛 Lea was usually the most level headed character, and she always seemed to know what was going to happen next, which in retrospect was probably because my brother was controlling her, and he was also the director of the show. 😉


Undoubtedly the funniest thing about Lea, however, is this. Like I said, my brother and I always put together some signature “looks” for the characters, and Lea usually wore these purple pants and this blue sweater.

As you can see below, there was a small rip forming in her sweater, which was something that rarely happened to Polly Pocket clothes.


My brother advised me that I should try to change her clothes as little as possible, to avoid ripping it any more.

Being a ridiculously obedient little sister, I NEVER. DID. I’m serious! From then on, Lea was never seen in anything other than her purple pants and blue sweater. Even when everyone else put on their ballgowns (borrowed from a Little Mermaid set, which we’ll get to in a moment), Lea NEVER changed her clothes. Even when my brothers left for college, and I could have changed her clothes without them ever knowing, I never did. This means that Lea probably hasn’t had her clothes changed for about 12 years…crazy, right?! XD

In addition to the main 3 characters, we also had two guy characters: Rick and Tony. Rick was pretty much the textbook definition of a rich bachelor…we always gave him the best guy clothes, and he always funded Polly’s schemes, which included running for mayor one time…don’t worry, we’ll get back to that. 😉

I always thought that Rick’s signature pants looked like our wood grain doors, so I called them his “wood pants”. 😛


Tony was usually coupled with Lea, and the best way that I can think of to describe him is that he was a lot like the doorman Tony in the TV show Jessie. Obviously, Jessie wasn’t around back then, so we didn’t name him after that Tony, but I can see a lot of similarities. 😉 Tony always tagged along with Rick, but he usually didn’t have as nice clothes.

Another funny thing is that Tony came in a set with a doll who looked exactly like Lea, but we didn’t really want another Lea, so we called her “Velma the Clone”. Yeah, she was pretty much an outcast. 😉 Tony came with a bunch of musical instruments, which I actually still have, and I think he and Velma were supposed to look like country music singers. I could never tell. 😉


Yeeeeah, Chelsea didn’t have a boyfriend, so moving on…. 😉

We also had a secondary cast of characters who guest starred as needed. On the far left is a doll that we donned “Coco Chanel”, after the clothing designer. She does look a lot like her, to be fair! 😉 The brunette and redhead next to Coco came in THIS rainy day set with Polly. We usually pretended that they were visiting from Europe (we never specified which part 😉 ). The redhead in the middle came in a nurse/chef outfit, and she was usually the most resourceful one out of the lot.

The two blondes came in various sets that we wanted mainly for the clothes and furniture, but they joined the cast nonetheless. 🙂 Actually, the one with the shortest blonde hair ran against Polly for mayor one time! 😀 (Her name was Cortez, since there’s a street near our house named that 😉 ) Finally, the dark-haired one on the end is Susan, who was Coco’s sister. 100_5801

And then there’s Neautie. Yes, I’m serious. I had received this Ariel Polly Pocket-sized doll for my birthday, but there was no way that my brothers and I were just going to call her Ariel. She was donned “Neautie”, and she was basically to the Polly Pocket Show as Jar-Jar Binks is to Star Wars. 😉 I used to HATE Neautie! My brother always made her pop up during the episode, and she usually caused huge problems in whatever Polly, Chelsea, and Lea were trying to do.


And another thing….Neautie was obsessed with haggis. What’s that? You’re not familiar with haggis? Well, neither were we. 😉 All we knew was that it was a popular food in some part of Europe, and that it probably was gross.

So whenever new friends came to visit Polly’s penthouse apartment, Neautie would try to feed them haggis. (For the record, that part wasn’t my idea 😉 ) And when the two girls from Europe came to visit, and Neautie was trying to give them haggis, Polly naturally apologized…to which they replied that it was fine; they LOVE haggis.

Also, if you’re going to ask why Neautie is wearing a purple shirt/dress, don’t, because I don’t know either. 😉


Another big part of the stuff we did together involved the girls’ pets. Except for one, they were all official Polly Pocket pets…can you tell which one?

One of these things is not like the others…. 😉

You guessed it! It’s this guy. He was Polly’s poodle, and just so that we would never forget his name, I have this note written in my brother’s handwriting from about 2006.


Here’s the even more hilarious part…this is Hogerschnot’s house.


You can probably tell in the first pet photo above that Hogerschnot is less than half the size of all of the other pets, yet he got this giant house. The rest of them had to share one tiny pet bed I stole from a Littlest Pet Shop. XD

Besides Hogerschnot, the other pets all came with adorable little accessories and outfits, and I LOVED dressing them up. I don’t remember all of their names, but I know that the gray cat was Mittens, and the two larger dogs (or cats…I could never tell 😛 ) were named Marshmallow and Toasted Marshmallow. The bunny in the middle, and the pink dog that’s second from the right were my two favorites. I actually named the bunny Bungis, after my mom’s childhood pet. 🙂100_5790

Before we close, ’cause this post is getting really long, I’d like to tell a little more about the time that Polly ran for mayor. 😀 As I said earlier, Polly was running against Cortez, and we did a full-on campaign! My brother always liked to put Polly in business suit-type outfits anyway, so she was perfect, right? 😉 I still have somewhere all of the tiny campaign signs hat we made and hung all over my room. Polly even went to debates! The moderator was our Donovan Giggles doll from Spy Kids (which is a WHOLE other story 😉 ), and I think it turned out that he was evil and rigging the election so that he would win. I don’t really think anyone won…I think both Polly and Cortez ended up deciding that they were done with politics. 😉

Honestly, I wish Mattel would start making more Polly Pockets. I think that they’re discontinued at this point (I believe that the last ones were in 2012), but looking back, the quality of everything was AMAZING. I didn’t get time to show y’all all of the clothes that we had, but everything was always super detailed. If Mattel ever made more, you can bet I’d buy them.

Wow…that was a long one! I hope you all enjoyed this (hopefully) humorous look into my childhood…and let me know if you’d like to see more Throwback Thursday posts in the future!

If I could, I’d be playing the “demo” end credits song on that keyboard right now. 😉

Oh, and one more thing! Doll Dimensions is NOW on Instagram, so make sure to follow us over there if you have an account! 😀



9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: a Look at my Childhood Polly Pocket Collection!

  1. Great post! I had a ton of Polly Pockets when I was younger, too, and I have equally fond memories of having them act out scenes with my sister. 🙂 There’s something about Polly Pockets that feels sentimental to me for some reason, probably because of that! I loved reading about the sitcom you did with your brothers, it sounds like a lot of fun, and it was cool to see your cast of Pollys! 🙂 I’d love to see more Throwback Thursdays, this post was a lot of fun to read. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Claire! 😀 ❤ It's really cool to hear that Polly Pockets are part of your childhood, too! 😀 I agree, seeing my Pollys always makes me want to go hug my brothers…and get even more sentimental than usual. 😉 ❤


  2. Nice post! I love electric company! I used to watch everyday at 4:30pm. I really enjoyed reading about Polly pockets, and you playing with your brothers. I have a younger brother and he doesn’t mind playing AG, or project Mc2 one bit! When we play AG Usually there’s fighting, or the grandma and Grandpa put bombs in the house and try to kill them, and they have boyfriends they steal them for there money! I’ve never had Polly pockets(probably cause I was born later) but I have heard of them😉

    Liked by 1 person

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