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Costume Palooza Episode 3: Alvin and the Chipmunks + The Chipettes!

Hello, everyone! 😀

In the last Costume Palooza poll, the doll cosplay that you all most wanted to see was…..

…..Alvin and the Chipmunks! 😀 In this post, I’ll be sharing how I created this doll cosplay, along with a huge photo shoot that I may have had too much fun with. 😉


Anyway, I actually have a ridiculously huge obsession with all things Alvin and the Chipmunks–which is pretty ironic. I usually find things with high-pitched voices in general annoying (except Pinkie Pie, of course 😉 ). Unusually, though, I find every single version of Alvin and the Chipmunks extremely adorable.

It all started a few months ago when I was hanging at my nana’s house (aka the Spring Hill Resort and Spa 😉 ) , and for some reason a clip from the Chipwrecked movie appeared on the “recommended”area of my YouTube account. I suddenly remembered that when I was younger (about 7 or 8 years old) two of my very good friends and I had pretended we were the Chipettes (I was always Brittany 😛 ), and it brought back so many memories. 🙂

Aaaand the more clips I watched, the more I fell in love with them. 😉

A few months later, I had watched 2 out of the 4 modern movies, a few of the 80’s movies, and a ton of other episodes and clips, and I knew I HAD to make some AATC inspired outfits for my dolls.

But–there have been SO many different versions of them over the years that I knew I’d have to take some creative liberties and choose which versions to incorporate.

A really cool thing about Alvin and the Chipmunks, though, is that every TV show and movie starring them has involved a member of the Bagdasarian family taking a leading role in writing and voice acting, originally being Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. In fact, some of his children still do the voice acting on the most recent Nickelodeon TV show!

Speaking of which, there are about 4 main “versions” that I divide the chipmunks into that I had to take into account when creating the dolls’ costumes. There might be more that I’m missing (I’m no expert), but here are the ones I’ve discovered.

First up, 60’s chipmunks! These are the ones that my mum and dad remember watching, incidentally. 🙂

Source: Google Image Search

Yeeah, the maxi dress turtlenecks aren’t exactly my favorite design choice. But hey, Simon is still adorable! 😉

In the 80’s and 90’s, we got a new version, in which the guys get actual eye colors! 😉 I

Simon’s still the cutest. You can’t deny it. 😉

And this brings me to the more modern version that most folks these days are familiar with: the version from the 4 CGI/live action films: Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Squeakqel, Chipwrecked, and The Road Chip.

YAY! No more dress turtlenecks! 😉

Honestly, though, they look SO much better in the actual movies than in the promotional pics. See what I mean?

Theodore no longer looks evil. 😉

And finally, the most recent version, from the Nickelodeon TV show ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks. (That’s the official name, I’m serious 😉 )

alvin reference 28.png
Simon’s dry sense of humor in this version is fantastic. 😛

So I obviously wasn’t making turtleneck dresses 😉 , but I still had to figure out some other details. Should my Alvin costume include a hat? What sort of pants should they wear? Should they have hoodies or turtlenecks, or just shirts?

I also had to cast some guy dolls, with Alistair, Hunter, and Dexter being pretty much my only options.

In the end, I cast Hunter as Alvin (I thought his brown eyes matched the CGI version well, and his punky hairstyle looks very Alvin-esque 😉 ), Dexter as Simon (::cough cough:: ’cause of the glasses thing ::cough cough::), and Alistair as Theodore (for no real reason other than the light blonde hair).

I ended up using DGRequiem Art’s pattern for doll hoodies, which I 110% recommend, BTW. 🙂 I made three identical ones in the appropriate colors of stretch fabric, and I painted on the A for Hunter/Alvin, and added a hand pocket to all of them. Hunter/Alvin and Dexter/Simon are wearing pants that I recycled from some older Ken dolls, and Alistair/Theodore is wearing Hunter’s original pants. Their shoes are from Signature Dexter, Signature Hunter, and the Mansters 2-Pack Deuce Gorgon (they’re repainted). I made Dexter/Simon’s glasses with floral wire, and painted them black.

Ta-Daaaaaaaaaa! 😀


Yeeeeah, I got artsy 😉



But something’s missing…let’s kick it up a notch and add in the Chipettes!

In case you’re unfamiliar with them, the Chipettes are basically the girl counterparts for the Chipmunks. A fun fact is that they were originally created and voiced by Janice Karman, the daughter-in-law of Ross Bagdasarian, Sr., who was the original creator of the Chipmunks. Janice Karman still directs and does a lot of the voice work on ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks, too. 🙂

Here is the basic gist of what the modern Chipettes look like. Their color schemes correspond to the boys, but are more girly. For example, Brittany has pink instead of Alvin’s red, Jeanette has purple instead of Simon’s blue, and Eleanour has mint instead of Theodore’s green.

Similarly to the boys, they look a LOT better in the actual movies as opposed to the promotional pictures.

Source: Google Image Search



See? Eleanor is NOT usually that weird looking. 😉

Their facial expressions are my favorite! 😀

Unlike the boys, however, the girls have had some major wardrobe overhauls over the years, and I’m not just talking about chopping off the bottom of a turtleneck dress. 😉 Case in point, Brittany:


Granted, the legwarmers are adorable, but I tend to like the CGI version’s outfit best.

When deciding which doll to choose for Brittany, I almost went for Holly O’Hair, because she has blue eyes that match Brittany well. I also considered Apple White and Blondie Lockes, since they have blue eyes also. I wasn’t sure which was best, because in some versions Brittany’s hair is more blonde and in some it’s more ginger-red.

In the end, I went for the doll I have that’s right in the middle….Ashlynn! In case you’re freaking out, no I didn’t let down my Ashlynn’s bouffant hairdo–I love it too much to do that. 😉 This is actually an extra Ashlynn that I got in my Giant Bargain Craigslist Haul. Since she’s an extra, I also took the liberty of painting her eyes blue and cutting some side swept bangs…which I think make her look ever better and way more accurate to the character.

For her outfit, I made a simple pleated skirt using pink stretch fabric. The top is made in the same way that I made my sleeveless little black dresses, which you can see how to make in my tutorial, here. The jacket is made using the same hoodie pattern linked above, and the tie (it’s my favorite part! 😀 ) was made with some ribbon that I painted. Her bracelets are from Poppy O’Hair and Meowlody, and her shoes are from Picnic Casket Frankie Stein. I also added Briar Beauty’s ring and Catty Noir’s pink microphone for extra glam. 🙂 As you can see, she ended up being a pretty faithful rendition of her CGI version, which is fine with me ’cause it’s sort of my fave. 😉


Next, we have my favorite Chipette, Jeanette! 😀 Jeanette is just a perfect combination of sweet and geeky…and her dancing with Simon to “Say Hey” in the rain during the Chipwrecked movie is TOO adorable. 🙂

If you want to see how I repainted Rosabella Beauty’s eyes and dyed her hair to create my custom Jeanette, you can read all about it here!

Oddly enough, Jeanette also had a different eye color in her 80’s version. I prefer the purple over green, since purple eyes are my favorite! I love all versions of Jeanette, but my favorite is probably the CGI one, so I my outfit inspiration mainly came from her.

However, I didn’t have any plaid fabric, so I took my skirt inspiration from the 80’s version. I really love the CGI version’s denim jacket, so I tried to incorporate that. 🙂 I also added the long hair ribbons from the 80’s version, and the purple glasses from the CGI and Nickelodeon versions (as opposed to the 80’s black glasses). For her glasses, I painted the rims of my Bratz #SelfieSnaps Cloe’s glasses purple, and I love how they came out! 😀 Her shoes are from Dot Dead Gorgeous Spectra Vondergeist, and her bracelet and ring are from Signature Poppy O’Hair and Signature Maddie Hatter.

What I ended up with is basically a hybrid of her 80’S look and CGI look, and while I do adore the Nickelodeon one, too, it’s not quite as iconic or recognizable. 🙂


Next up, Eleanor! As you can see, she’s had some very different looks over the years, too. I really adore her 80’s version, and the Nickelodeon one is adorbs, too. I also had a hard time deciding which eye color she should have, since the original has brown but the newer ones have green. I tend to like the green best, since it goes well with her color scheme.

Similarly to Ashlynn/Brittany, I ended up choosing a used Blondie from the same Craigslist lot, because this way I could paint her eyes green and trim her ponytails a tad.

I wanted to make the Nickelodeon version, but I didn’t have any green and white striped fabric in that small of a scale…and the 80’s version might have looked odd since the other girls came out closest to their CGI versions. Her skirt is just a simple pencil-style skirt, for which I have a tutorial, here, and her top is made using the same DGRequiem pattern that I used for the jackets and hoodies.

Her shoes are from I ❤ Fashion Scarah Screams, and her jewelry is all from Signature Blondie Lockes.



Here are all of the Chipettes together! 😀


When these opposing groups first met, they were a little competitive…






But pretty soon, they warmed up to each other. 😉

(The following quotes are from The Squeakquel  😉 )

“I never thought I’d say this, but pink is my new favorite color.”


“Her glasses are quite fetching.”
“She’s like a beautiful green gumdrop.” 😉


Here are some more shots of the munks! 😉100_5647100_5665100_5661100_5748100_5669

Pretty soon, they were all ready for some group shots. 😉



While that does about conclude this post, I want to do a “part two” someday soon. I think that Raven Queen and Bunny Blanc as Jeanette and Eleanor would be super cute with Dexter/Simon and Alistair/Theodore, in addition to Ashlynn/Brittany and Alvin/Hunter. 🙂 I didn’t use them for this post, since they don’t look exactly accurate to the characters, but I’d love to do some photos with them wearing the lovely performance outfits that the Chipettes wear in the grand finales of The Squeakquel, Chipwrecked, and The Road Chip. The sequin and tulle ones from The Road Chip are my favorites. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this photo shoot! Let me know in the comments what you think, and if you by any chance love Alvin and the Chipmunks as much as I do! As I said above, I have an idea for another AATC-related post, so if you want to see that let me know! 😉

Well, it’s the end of the post, and you know what that means….

….Selfie time!! 😀

Um, Eleanor was looking at a bird. So was Theodore. 😉


Grace 🙂

P.S. Thank you for flying Air Alvin! 😉 

6 thoughts on “Costume Palooza Episode 3: Alvin and the Chipmunks + The Chipettes!

  1. What a great post!!! I really enjoyed it, both your excellent information about the history, and your pictures! The outfits, the dolls you chose, everything is just awesome! ❤ 😀

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  2. Wow, that was a wonderful post! You put so much thought into the different aspects of doll cosplay, and always have such an eye for detail! (I love seeing who you cast for the characters.) 🙂

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