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Moose Toys Twozies Review + Poll for Costume Palooza Episode 3 + Social Media Update!

Hey! 😀

Today I have a fun little review for you, plus a poll at the end where you can vote on what you want the next installment of Costume Palooza to feature! 🙂 I’ll also be sharing at the end an update on all of the Doll Dimensions social media….we’re on Twitter now!! 😀

I was really excited when Moose Toys announced their newest line, Twozies. I LOVE Shopkins, (a LOT 😉 ) and another blind bag style toy by the same awesome people who make Shopkins sounded fantastic. Also, I love babies AND baby animals. Sooooo…a perfect match, right?! 😀


The story with Twozies is that you can collect matching pairs of baby and baby animal figurines (although you’re not guaranteed to get a match in one blind box),  packaged in little shadow boxes that can be linked together.

Here is one of the Twozies blind boxes that I got…,similarly to Shopkins, however, you can also buy boxed sets where you know what you’re getting. I’ve seen a few of these in stores, and they all look really, really cute!

Also similarly to Shopkins, I LOVE the packaging. The front has an adorable picture of a tiger-themed pair! 😀


According to the package, you get a baby, a pet, a shadow box, a pattern card, and a collector’s guide.


After removing the plastic and popping out the front paperboard piece, you can see that the sides are decorated with more ADORABLE Twozies art! I especially love the giraffe-themed baby on the top. 🙂


Here is how the box looks disassembled…you can see here that the Twozies themselves come in little yellow plastic bags, a la Shopkins. 🙂


Here are the contents of the box with all of the packaging removed…the pink edging and the chevron backdrop are super cute!


We’ll start by taking a closer look at the shadow box itself. On the back of the box, there is a Twozies emblem and a little hole that (as we’ll see soon 🙂 ), you could attach to a wall hook. Tucked into the back are several pieces of paper.100_4641

In all, you get a collector’s guide, a display suggestion sheet, and the chevron backdrop, which (adorably!) can be exchanged with other backdrops. In theory, you could even make your own backdrops with scrapbook paper! 😀100_4642

The shadow boxes are made to link together and hook onto the wall, and I LOVE this idea! I would have adored the concept of hooking together my own display when I was younger, too (you know, when I was the same age as the intended audience 😉 ).

There’s even a special plug to help the baby stand up!

Here is what the collecter’s guide looks like all folded up…similarly to Shopkins, there are different levels of collectibility, as well as different finishes on the figures themselves, such as neon and metallic.


The various categories have really cute names, like Too Wild!, Too Cool!, and (my favorite! 🙂 ) Too Sweet!. 😛100_4649

Mable and Milli are SO adorable!!! 😀100_4652

Similar to Shopkins, where there are Limited Edition Shopkins, the Twozies have a category called Too Precious!, where the characters have a metallic finish. Rupert is covered by a glare here, but he’s elephant themed and super cuteeee! 🙂 100_4658

Interestingly, the little backdrop says in the corner “Too Noisy”, with a number 3. I’m not sure if this is a coincidence, but I did end up getting a baby from the Too Noisy! category.100_4660

Now, onto the Twozies! 😀 I could see some little eyes peeking out at me, and I was having a really hard time not ripping them open right away! 🙂100_4661

First up……drumroll…… the baby! 😀


D’awwww!!!! She’s bumblebee themed, and really delightful! Her head turns, too, which adds to her appeal a lot (at least for me). 🙂

(Edit: big thanks to BlackKitty for noticing that Hunny is a girl, due to the pink lettering by her name! 🙂 100_4664

Her name is Hunny!100_4665

And the accompanying baby animal is………a penguin!!! GAHHH!

In case you’re wondering why the freak-out, penguins have been my favorite animal since I was a baby. Actually, I still have a stuffed penguin that I got when I was about 3 years old after visiting Sea World and learning how to properly pet a penguin (by using two fingers and rubbing down the middle of their back). 🙂 In case you’re wondering, his name is Penguin. Yes, I was a very imaginative child. XD

Also, there are the Penguins of Madagascar. Who are amazing in every possible way. Oh, and there’s Pablo from the Backyardigans….just don’t even get me started on the Backyardigans, or this post will double in size. 😉 100_4669

Thankfully, the folks at Moose are much more imaginative then I was as a child, and this penguin’s name is Bobbles!100_4651

Everyone say it with me now…………..


Even though they aren’t a matching pair, they’re still super engaging and adorable together.100_4670

Bobble is really darling posed with Abbey!100_4673

And Hunny is super sweet with the Grace doll, too! Honestly, I adore this doll’s double jointed elbows…they make posing SO much easier.

Combined with Hunny’s posable head, you’ve got a perfect photo duo. 😛100_4675

I’m successfully fulfilling my penguin obsession with a doll of myself….is that a good thing? 😉 (Note to self: post picture of me with my stuffed animal Penguin later. 😉 )100_4676

Warning: you may not be able to handle the amount of adorableness in this next photo. Just brace yourself. 😉

I rescued this Disney Animator Collection Ariel from Goodwil the other day for only $.99…and she and Bobbles are just. so. cute. together. 🙂

The shadow box makes a perfect seat, too!

I also wanted to try taking a photo of my new Twozies in their shadow box, and I met with great success! The little peg that helps the baby stand up works wonderfully.

I can see myself having a lot fun making new backdrops, too.

I hope you enjoyed this look at the new Twozies from Moose Toys! 😀 Let me know in the comments if you’re planning on buying some of these darling pairs, and if you share in my penguin obsession! 😉


Next, I have two quick things…first, Doll Dimensions now has a Twitter! Be sure to follow us there, since I post a lot of quick anecdotes and doll related jokes that don’t end up on the blog. 😉

Also, I dropped a big sneak peek excerpt the other day on the DD Facebook page from A Doll Dimensions Christmas (which is what we’ll be calling our Christmas series)! 😀 Be sure to check that out, too!






Finally, I have a quick poll for you! I’m trying to figure out what the next Costume Palooza post should feature, and I could use your input. Choose wisely!!! 😉

I hope you enjoyed this mash-up post, and have a fantastic weekend! 😀



9 thoughts on “Moose Toys Twozies Review + Poll for Costume Palooza Episode 3 + Social Media Update!

  1. Cellyzombie: Laaaaady, can we get some of these?
    (Poppet, you know I don’t like babies. Babies are gross.)
    Cellyzombie: But you like cute animals right?
    (Yes…: starting to see where she’s going with this : )
    Cellyzombie: You can keep and display the animals and I can EAT THE BABIES!!! Daddy would be so proud!
    (Cellyzombie. No.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, right???!!! 😀 I was SO obsessed with them when I was little. I had (and still have!) stuffed animals of all of them, and every time I had a birthday all that I wanted was the newest DVD. XD They were SO awesome! My favorite was the International Super Spy episode. 😛 YAY for someone who I can fangirl with! 😉


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