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Costume Palooza Episode 1 ~ The Dollvengers/Avengers!

Wooohooooo!!! 😀

Who else is excited for a new post series?!! I’m super excited to be working on this, and I’m still open to suggestions for future costumes. 🙂

In the Costume Palooza series, I’ll be showing you some super fun (and, indubitably, extremely geeky) cosplays/costumes that I’ve translated into doll form! 🙂 I’ll  also be sharing how I made the outfits, and what materials I used.

First up is……………….

The Avengers!!! 😀

Read on to see the making of the Dollvengers (yes, that IS what we are calling this 😉 ), followed by the official trailer and some more photos!

I have had an obsession with superheroes ever since I was a little girl. Seriously, though, in my mind, superheroes ranked right up there with princesses and fairies. 🙂 Having two older brothers, I was watching Justice League and Batman cartoons almost as much as I watched Barbie movies. 😉

In recent years, my obsession has expanded to include Marvel heroes as well as DC, mainly because of THIS movie:

Source: IMDB Gallery

avengers 1.jpg

Without question, Captain America is absolutely my favorite. I have yet to see the Civil War movie, but it should be pretty obvious by now that I am #TeamCap!!!! 😉

I really love all of the different outfits that Cap wears throughout all of the movies, but I kind of tend to like the version in the Avengers best. In any case, here is a collage of some of Cap’s different looks, so you can see where I drew my inspiration from. 🙂

Source: Google Image Search

When deciding which doll to use for Cap, the answer was, without a doubt, DEXTER. 😉

I started with DGRequiem Art’s Ever After High Boy Basics pattern to make the pants and shirt out of stretch fabric. Next, I molded the red and white part out of Sugru moldable plastic. I also added some brown strips of paperboard to look like leather.

I thought that Alistair’s boots were perfect, too. 🙂  For the shield, I roughly followed My Froggy Stuff’s instructions in her Doll Superhero Video.  I coated it with Mod Podge several times to get the shine I wanted.

Aaaaand, here is the finished product! 😀 (without a mask, because I wanted to make it more recognizable as Dexter)


Next, I knew I wanted to make Black Widow. If I were a superhero, I would want to be like her. As in, a super cool spy who doesn’t necessarily need powers. 😉

Her look stays pretty constant throughout the movies, although her hair does get a little longer in the Winter Soldier.

Source: Google Image Search

I knew that one of the O’Hair twins should be Black Widow, but I wasn’t sure which one. Poppy has the short red hair, but the purple mixed in sort of ruins the look. Holly has the all-red hair, but it’s super long. In the end, I decided on Holly, because the pure red looked better to me.

I made her pants and top freehand, and the jacket is from the Bratz fashion pack I reviewed a while back, with a SHIELD logo added on both shoulders. Her boots are from Freak du Chic Frankie, and I made her bracelets and belt buckle out of Sugru moldable plastic.

Her gun is from one of my older brother’s soldier dolls, and yes, it is very out of proportion. 😉



Next up, it’s HAMMER TIME! 😉

I’m only sort of kidding. Seriously, Thor is probably in my top three favorite Marvel heroes.

Anywho, Alistair was my only blonde doll option, so even though his hair isn’t quite as voluminous as I would have wanted, and he isn’t quite as ruggedly handsome as I wished, I did what I could. 😉

Thor has several different looks, but they all have the same basic elements. I opted for the sleeveless version.

Source: Google Image Search

His pants are recycled from signature Dexter, and I freehanded his undershirt. I made the armored chest plate by weaving strips of silver paperboard, and his cape is made from red crushed velvet.

So, first, we need to get this out of the way. And yes, I did make this meme. 😉

doth mother know

Okay. There we go. 😉

For Mjolnir (which, in case you don’t know, is the name of Thor’s hammer 🙂 ), I in a sense created a cube of paperboard, then added a handle and leather strap. The detailing was done with hot glue before it was painted. His gauntlets were made using the same detailing technique, but are really just a tube. His boots are from one of my brother’s soldier dolls.



Next up is a guy who, in my opinion, doesn’t get enough appreciation. Yes, I’m talking about Hawkeye. Let’s be honest, though, he’s pretty awesome. 😉 I wasn’t sure at first who I want to cosplay him, but in the end I decided on Hunter. Thankfully, Hawkeye’s outfit is pretty simple.

Source: Google Images

I freehanded his shirt and added some grayish/maroonish accents and a SHIELD badge. His pants are made from the same DGRequiem Art pattern linked in the Captain America section above, and his shoes are repainted from some random shoes I had. His bow and quiver are actually from the Friendship Games Sporty Style Archery Twilight Sparkle doll, for whom I have a review in the works right now. I just repainted them black with maroon accents and removed the heart shaped tip of the arrow and replaced it with a tip molded out of Sugru. His gauntlet is made from black fabric strips.


For Iron Man, there isn’t as much to talk about. I was really out of guy dolls at this point, and so I used My Froggy Stuff’s Custom Tony Stark Doll Tutorial (which is AWESOME! 😀 ) to turn my Princess Power Reporter Ken into Tony. I really, though, didn’t know what to do about the whole Iron Man suit thing, though. UNTIL I remembered that My Froggy Stuff had somehow managed to put her Naveen doll’s head onto an Iron Man doll body in her Everyday Heroes Darbie Show Episode (which is also extremely awesome 🙂 ). So I took off to Walmart, found a 12″ Iron Man doll, made the switch (it was actually really easy), and HERE you go, a genius billionaire philanthropist! 😛 (That’s a quote from the movie 😉 )


Enjoy, and be sure to read further for the full photo shoot, and be sure to let me know which Dollvenger is your fave in the poll! 🙂


Here is the whole crew who worked on the video, including the behind the scenes dolls, including Maddie of Salsa Narwhal Productions, who graciously provided tea to the crew throughout filming. 😉



“Anybody want shawarma?” 😉






DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters, nor am I affiliated with Marvel. This is purely fan art, and NOT a claim of ownership in any way.

14 thoughts on “Costume Palooza Episode 1 ~ The Dollvengers/Avengers!

  1. You have such amazing talent!! I loved seeing all the Avengers come to life in doll format. You have a real eye for making each and every costume unique and special. I can’t wait to see the other dolls in this series. Great job 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely! 😉 One of my favorite Marvel moments ever is when Thor throws down his coffee mug and says, “I like this….ANOTHER!” 😉 I also just adore the way that he talks super loudly all of the time. 😉


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