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Star Darlings Wishworld Scarlet Doll Review + FASHION SHOW!

Hellloooooo my lovely readers!!! 🙂

I hope your summer is going fantastically!! Today I have a super fun combination of a review and fashion show to share with you, of a doll that is slightly older to most people, but new to me.

In other news, I just submitted my final exams for my summer Spanish and Political Science classes, so for a couple of weeks I’m FREEEEE!! 😀

I was really excited about the Star Darlings when they were first announced. Their promotion pictures looked fantastic, and the articulation level combined with their amazing inset eyes, made me want them immediately! However, I was a bit hesitant to jump in with this new doll brand. They still looked amazing, but the tinsel in their hair made me worried, because I have trouble sometimes keeping it under control, and the only available versions of the characters at that time were kind of expensive.

But that ALL changed when I saw THIS version of Scarlet (one of the main characters) in Target! (They might be old news to some people, but my Target had just gotten them in)

I was super excited that Jakks Pacific (the company that produces the Star Darlings) had decided to make a “budget” line that had the same inset eyes and articulation as the signature dolls but on a less pricey scale.

Let’s get started with the review, then we’ll have a little fashion show of Scarlet trying on some summer outfits!


The other things that made this version of Scarlet really attractive to me were these:

  • (yes, we are bullet-ing this 😉 ) No tinsel in the hair
  • More versatile outfit than her signature version
  • Her eyes are green (more on that later)

In case you don’t know, the gist of the Star Darlings is that they are wish granters, aka fairy-like people whose job is to grant the wishes of humans; the kind of wishes that you make when you see a shooting star, blow a dandelion, or blow out your birthday candles. There are 12 main characters in the story, but they haven’t made all of them into dolls yet. The webisodes, which are available on the Disney YouTube channel, are extremely adorable and well done. There are also two songs released along with music videos: Up, and Wish Now. These are both awesome songs with great messages about having confidence that I am currently addicted to!!! 😀

Anyway, the story behind the Wishworld Fashion line is that the girls have to disguise themselves when they travel to earth to grant wishes. Thus, while Scarlet usually has super sparkly pink/purple hair and purple eyes, she transforms to have green eyes and darker purple hair that looks like it was dyed.

I have not read the books yet (I hope to!), but here are some shots from the books that show Scarlet in her normal look and in her Wishworld disguise. They haven’t tried on either doll of her to give her the bob hairstyle that she normally has, but honestly I think that was wise. Sometimes short hairdos are difficult to do on dolls, and I think that the longer hair allows for more fun styling.

Source: Google Image Search

I also really love Scarlet’s character. From what I can see in the webisodes (once again, I haven’t read the books yet), she is sort of an Operetta/Rainbow Dash-type character. She’s tough and sometimes isn’t sure how to act around her friends. However, she’s also extremely loyal and would do anything for those that she loves. She’s also a drummer! 🙂

Her box features the Star Darlings logo on the front, and the bottom and back both show some really cool art of Scarlet. The only thing I would change is to feature the Wishworld art also, so that people understand why she looks different.

I also love that the lyrics to “Star Light, Star Bright” are written on the background of the box!



The back also features a cute punch out ID card! 🙂100_4204

Three other characters (Cassie, Sage, and Piper) have been released as Wishworld dolls, and they are all really cute. (I’ve only seen Piper in person) Actually, Cassie and Piper have only been released in their Wishworld looks; they don’t have signature dolls yet. I really adore Cassie in the cartoons, so I would love to see a signature doll of her, and eventually the rest of the 12 main characters.


Anyway, let’s get this girl outta the box! 🙂

The de-boxing process was super easy and took me about 2 minutes.

Even straight out of the box, she’s fantastic. She is just SO gorgeous!

Scarlet wears a skirt, long sleeved top, a belt, and boots.

Here is a close up of her boots-they have some really cool molded detail that I would love to highlight with metallic paint.


As a side note, I was confused at first as to why these are the same boots as on her signature doll. The other girls got different shoes in their Wishworld versions–why shouldn’t Scarlet? But then I realized–the pair of boots is Scarlet’s wish pendant! The wish pendants are special items that help the SDs on their missions–they are also the cloaking device that allows the girls to transform into their disguises. Most of the other Wishworld dolls include their own wish pendants (Sage’s is her necklace, Cassie’s is her sunglasses, etc.), so it only makes sense that Scarlet should be rockin’ these boots on Wishworld, too! 🙂

Her skirt is this really cool silver denim type fabric, and it has a really cute flounce of silver tulle.

Her shirt is adorable, and has a pink body with purple sleeves. There are glittery stars in the pink part, and printed stars on the purple parts.

Something that I LOVE here is that the shirt and skirt are separate pieces! This makes mixing and matching SO much fun, as you’ll see in a bit. 😉


Both pieces fasten in the back with neatly sewn velcro.


She also has a cool looking silver belt that actually has two fastening holes, so you can choose to make it looser around her hips, or tighter like a real belt. I love that this detail adds versatility!


And now for my favorite part:



Her face is SO gorgeous. I can’t get over it! She’s so photogenic, and her quirked eyebrow, lopsided smile, and freckles make me love her so much!!! I actually think I prefer her green eyes to the normal purple ones on her signature doll. Jakks Pacific (the company that makes the Star Darlings dolls) also makes the Disney Princess Toddler dolls, and they include inset eyes on a lot of them that are called “Royal Reflection” eyes. These generally look awesome, and I’m so pleased that they used the same sort of technique on the Star Darlings girls.


I forgot to take these photos until later in the review, so her top is different here, but you can see that her profile is different on both sides, and they are both so beautiful!


Scarlet’s hair is a dark violet with a little shock of pink at the front that is tied with thread. Her ponytail is a tiny bit frizzy (it was better after a brushing), and I might eventually boil wash it. For now, though, I’m very satisfied (with my care 😉 ).

The twisty part is really cute.



I had had an odd feeling from the time that I first bought this doll that she reminded me of some other doll. I was drawn to her so much, I figured it had to be a doll that I already have and love. And then it hit me.

She and Anna are so similar! My Disney Store Anna has what is debatably my favorite doll face EVER, and Scarlet shares a lot of those qualities.

They both have thick eyeliner, a lopsided grin, freckles, and side glancing green eyes that are really endearing to me. 🙂

This might be one of my favorite doll pictures ever. 🙂

She and Liv Katie (who I don’t actually have a wig for at the moment) are similar, too, because of their gorgeous inset green eyes.


Aaaaand I went off on a tangent here because I thought it would be fun to take a picture of all of my green eyed girls! (I may have missed a couple)

And yes, Ashlynn is still in her Star Trek uniform 😉

Anyway, at this point, I was wondering if her hands would come off for easier undressing, but then the question answered itself. 😉


Yeah….I’m guessing her arm does come off. 😉 And it does!

Similar to the Monster High girls, both her hands and arms detach, which makes putting on clothes a whole lot simpler and quicker.

Ugh, there’s still tons of black glitter all over my table from the Spectra review 😉

Here is a comparison of Scarlet’s hand (and arm) with some other popular playline dolls that have detachable hands.

From top to bottom: Disney Descendants Evie, Scarlet, DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl, Ever After High Holly O’Hair.

Scarlet’s hand is kind of like a hybrid of Evie’s finger position and EAH/DC SHG’s two-finger-stuck-together style.


Scarlet’s feet are cute and little with a moderate arch, and they are surprisingly flat on the bottom of the toe area.100_4234

Alrighty, time to explore some shoe-sharing options! 🙂

Here is a line-up of 7 popular playline doll feet (and, uh ignore that leg up there… 😉 )

From left to right: Made to Move Barbie, Liv Sophie, Scarlet, Monster High Howleen, Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle, Ever After High Poppy O’Hair, and DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl.

I also find it really funny that these legs are almost all the same shade and then it’s like, “BAM! PURPLE!” 😛

The three that are most similar to Scarlet are Sophie, Howleen, and Twilight.


I’m fairly certain that high heeled Liv shoes would fit Scarlet, but I only own flat Liv shoes, so I couldn’t test them.

However, Howleen and Scarlet’s feet are almost IDENTICAL. Therefore, shoe sharing works fantastically! (Except for the fact that Howleen’s thighs are a bit skinnier and so the boots are a bit large as they go up her leg)


Two peas in a pod! 🙂


She can also share shoes well with Equestria Girls Twilight (whom I have customized in several ways…and whom I hope to publish a post about soon).

Side note, but isn’t it so cute how short Twilight is? 😛

Because most of the shoes I have are Monster High/Ever After High sized, I was hopeful that they would work for Sage.

But, um, in a word…….no. 😉

The MH/EAH girls have higher arches and are bigger overall, so Holly’s heel is sticking out of Scarlet’s boot, and Scarlet’s feet are just too small. 😛

I do really love this picture of them trying to sort it out, though. 😉


Out of curiosity, however, I tried another pair of MH/EAH sandals and boots on Scarlet.

The sandals don’t work, but the boot does. Incidentally, however, these boots (from Cerise Wonder Woman) work on almost every doll I own, sooooo… 😉


Next, I wanted to do a height/body comparison, just for reference. 🙂

From left to right: DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl, Liv Katie, Made to Move Barbie, Disney Store Anna, Disney Descendants Evie, Ever After High Cerise Hood, EAH Blondie Lockes, Scarlet, and EAH Lizzie Hearts.


Scarlet is right in between Blondie and Lizzie, who represent the “normal” and “short” heights of the EAH line.


And now for my FAVORITE part…….the fashion show!! 😀

Scarlet’s original outfit is really cute, but it being summer (in Florida, no less) she needs something more heat-friendly. 😉

The first thing I did was try on the swimsuit I made for Batgirl for the Retro Beach shoot we did a while back. Even though their feet are really different, their bodies are actually pretty similar in size, and I LOVE how a solid color looks on Scarlet.


She also, incidentally, looks really cute in Batgirl’s top. 🙂


Next, I wanted to see if Monster High and Ever After High clothes would work, since that is what I have the most of.

Freaky Field Trip Gigi’s dress is a bit short and tight for my taste, but it’s still pretty cute, and the stretch allowed it to fasten in the back. 🙂


I also tried Spectra Vondergeist’s leather corset, which actually has stretch fabric on the sides that make it fit Scarlet okay. It was hard to keep the velcro fastened in the back, but it was cute for pics!



And since she was wearing Spectra’s top, we had to bring out the sunglasses and do the “cool” pose… 😉

See what I mean? 😉

Ever After High dresses in general fit Scarlet really well. Here you can see her in Spring Unsprung Cedar’s dress and Signature Poppy’s dress.


My Bratz #SelfieSnaps Cloe’s top also looks pretty cute on her. (I tried the skirt and it didn’t fit)

Sorry for the badly focused pic–we were jamming out to “Best Friend’s Brother” by Victoria Justice and Scarlet was dancing while I took this. 😉

But in the end I decided that I liked Scarlet best in the solid purple swimsuit…it just brings out the simple elegance of her hair and the gorgeous-ness of her eyes!


It looks really good layered with Ever After High Signature Raven Queen’s skirt….



…But in the end, I went with her original skirt.

But then I realized–what’s a girl without accessories??? 🙂

I actually REALLY love Poppy O’Hair’s scarf on Scarlet, but it’s not exactly summer-friendly. 😉

Whoops! This time she was dancing to “Good Time” by Owl City. 😉

And as with every doll in existence, glasses are always adorable. 😉 (these are #SelfieSnaps Cloe’s)


However, in the end we went for simple accessories so that Scarlet’s gorgeous natural beauty could shine through.

Ready for her final look? ……………drumroll……………….



In case you’re wondering, the purse is from Signature Spectra and the bracelet is from the Ashlynn Hawkgirl I did a while back.

Yeah, I think Scarlet will fit in just fine here. 😉


In a word, Scarlet is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. 😉 I ADORE her face, and her articulation is great, too. Her original outfit is really well made and cute, but she is also great for redressing because she looks fantastic in almost everything! Despite being a relatively new doll brand, the Star Darlings can share clothing and shoes with quite a few other brands, so there is no shortage of fashion for these girls.

I can’t wait for more of the Wishworld Fashion versions of the characters to come out, and I’m really looking forward to more signature versions of the other main characters, too!

Scarlet is a wonderful addition to the Doll Dimensions Gang, and rest assured she’ll be popping up around the blog a lot in the future. 🙂

Let me know in the comments which of Scarlet’s outfits were your favorite, and if you already have or plan on getting any of the Star Darlings!

Oh, wait, I have a quick poll for you! 🙂 I’m about to start working on some of my doll cosplays that I told y’all about a while back….and I need your opinion on which thing to start first!

How can you say no to this face???? 😀




17 thoughts on “Star Darlings Wishworld Scarlet Doll Review + FASHION SHOW!

  1. Argh. Now I really regret not getting one of these dolls when they got clearanced at my local Target, and I’m pretty sure they’re all gone there. Maybe my local WalMart or another Target will have them still. I wish these dolls would have sold well enough for them to get fashion packs, although how many dolls actually get fashion packs nowadays?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree!! 🙂 Star Darlings fashion packs would be fantastic. Actually, the only doll line I can think of that is currently offering fashion packs is Bratz (which I have a review for soon)! 🙂 However, they were all clearanced at my local Target so I hope they’re coming out with new ones. 🙂 Thanks for commenting, Barb! 🙂


  2. Scarlett is so pretty! I really enjoyed the fashion show and the different pictures of all the different dolls together. You pose them in a way where they seem so life-like! Great job! I’m looking forward to the Bratz dolls review as I remember having some of them when I was younger.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love her look, I just can’t start on another doll line! But it is really great to know how tall she is in comparison to others. Thanks for all the great pics!

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