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The Summer of ’66: DOLL TREK Photo Shoot + Trailer!

Doll space.

The final frontier.

These are the voyages of the DOLL SHIP ENTERPRISE!

EEEEEEEP! 😀 I am SOSOSOSO excited to present to you the next installment of the Summer of ’66!

(Also, I am SUPER sorry if you received this post unfinished a few weeks ago…that was a glitch with my computer.)

My family is obsessed with Star Trek: the Original Series. 

I think I’ve seen every episode at least 3 times, and I try to sing along with the opera lady every time the theme song comes on (anyone else do that?) 😉

Alsoooo…..Star Trek: The Original Series premiered in the Summer of 1966, so guess what???

I decided to transform my dolls into the Enterprise Crew! 😀

Actually, this project has been about a year in the making. I tried making doll Star Trek costumes shortly after I started blogging back in July of last year, but at the time I didn’t have any boy dolls to add to the mix, and my doll-sized sewing was, admittedly, not the best. 😉 I restructured some of those original uniforms for the girls’ outfits this time around. 🙂

When I was planning this, I knew immediately that I wanted Dexter to be Captain Kirk (that was a no-brainer 🙂 ), and I knew Cedar would make the perfect Lt. Uhura. I wanted Hunter to be Spock (even though his hair is not ideal 😉 ), but Alistair doesn’t have the hair for Scotty or Bones. Thus he is just a humble red shirt guy (and we all know what happens to them 😉 ). I also decided Ashlynn could be Nurse Christine Chapel (don’t worry, I didn’t know her name either until I looked it up 😉 ).

I made the guys’ uniforms using DGRequiem’s EAH Boy Basics Pattern (which I HIGHLY recommend), and the girls’ uniforms are free handed by yours truly. 🙂

Here is a collage of some pictures from Star Trek (all from the IMDB Gallery) to give you an idea of what we’re going for. 🙂

I also made a trailer inspired by Star Trek, and I might try doing a webisode series in the future based on this, if y’all like it! 🙂

So….(drumroll)…..I present to you…..


Also, here are the photos I took of the crew. 🙂


And yes, I am very proud of this communicator. 😉
“Doll long and prosper.”


Be sure to comment below with your favorite one of the doll crew members, and if you watch the original series, tell me what your favorite episode is!

(mine is inevitably “A Piece of the Action” 😛 )



10 thoughts on “The Summer of ’66: DOLL TREK Photo Shoot + Trailer!

    1. Hi Meg! 😀 I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog! 🙂 Believe it or not, the backdrop is just a high-resolution picture of the Bridge that I found on Google Images and printed out on a tabloid size sheet of paper. 🙂 I taped it to a piece of foam core to boost it up to the height that I wanted. Thanks for stopping by the blog, and for following! 😀 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh my goodness, this is AMAZING!!! I am obsessed with Star Trek TOS (no doubt about it it’s my favorite Star Trek series), I’ve seen the entire series once and watched my favorite episodes plenty of times over. So I love this!!!
    My favorite episode has to be the first one with Kirk in it. With the salt vampire. 😉

    ~Lydia~ ❤

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  2. I love the uniforms! The colors are spot on, and the work on the collars is good. The sleeve detail with the gold trim! I love your Nurse Chapel (I did know that one, and she gets referenced in the modern movies but not see) because of the beehive…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dear Grace,
    Original Star Trek + dolls = all kinds of awesome! Great job. My grandfather was a hard core Star Trek fan, and my dad likes the original series. I like Star Trek, but I wouldn’t describe myself as a trekie, or treker, whichever term you prefer. Of course, when Mattel overproduced the Barbie and Ken Star Trek Anniversary giftset back in 90s and they went on clearance at Toys R Us I did pick up a set. And I do know who Nurse Chapel is. She was played by Majel Barret (I may have spelled her name wrong), an actress who ended up married to Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry. So it’s possible I’m just in denial about my television preferences and that I’m a closet Star Trek fan.
    Signed, Treesa
    P.S. One small quibble with your trailer. If I remember correctly, Uhura was a communications officer, so the comment about losing an engine would have made more sense coming from enginering. But then you didn’t have a doll with the right coloring to play Scotty, and I guess the message about the lost engine could have been sent TO Uhura FROM the engine room. But like I said at the beginning, awesome idea! And I really shouldn’t criticize, since the best I could do when I tried to recreate the television show Mystery Science Theater 3000 with dolls was one still photograph. I wouldn’t even know how to do video.


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