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The Summer of ’66: Vintage Barbie Fashion Packs + Social Media Update!

Howdy!!! 😀

I hope you’re enjoying the Summer of ’66…I know I am!

Anywho, today I have a 60’s themed review for you! While in LA, my amazing cousin gave me these INCREDIBLE vintage fashion packs that are reproductions of actual Barbie fashions from the 60’s.

And GAAAAAAAHHHHHH THESE ARE GORGEOUS!! But, yeah. I’m not taking them out of their packages. Sorry, guys. 😉 They’re just too awesomely packaged. I’m actually thinking of hanging them on my studio wall.

Here is the first one:


EEEEP LOOK at the dress!!!! And the little pearl necklace and gloves!!

And check out this adorable Barbie and Ken poster!


The back of the box is equally awesome.


That art is fantastic!

Here is the second pack..this one has a hoodie, leggings, a trench coat, a tote bag, little wedge heels with FABRIC STRAPS and little red leather gloves!!!!


ARGH I’m overwhelmed by the vintage awesomeness!!!


So now that I’ve drooled for a while, here is an actual picture of dolls… 😉 Barbie is wearing a fashion pack and Ken is the Princess Power Reporter Ken. I’ll be publishing their respective reviews in the next couple of weeks. 🙂


And finally, here is an update on all of our Doll Dimensions social media! 😀 I post some pictures on these pages before they make it here–so make sure to follow so you don’t miss any sneak peeks!

Also, I HIGHLY recommend Gemr for all collectors of dolls and other figurines. 🙂





I’m also working on getting our Instagram started…but that might take a while. 😉



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