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Announcing…The Summer of ’66!

HelloOoooooooOOOOoooo! 😀

It’s no secret that here at Doll Dimensions we LOVE all things vintage, retro, and mod. We also love summer…I mean, come on, who doesn’t? 😀 Turns out, a lot of cool things happened during the summer 50 years ago.

The Doll Dimensions Team (meaning the dolls, me, and my mom, ahem 😉 ) is proud to present the trailer for….

The Summer of ’66 Blogging Event! 😀

We’ll be posting photo shoots, videos, tutorials, giveaways, reviews, and other fun stuff celebrating the movies, music, TV shows, and fashion trends that 1966 was famous for!

Have at the trailer below (which I probably had a bit too much fun making)! 😉

I’m off to do some secret projects! 😀



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