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Daiso Japan Fashion Packs Review!

Helloooo! 😀

As you all probably already know, I love fashion packs. A LOT. 😀

I noticed a while back that some doll folks online mentioned fashion packs from the Daiso Store. I was immediately intrigued…what, I asked myself, is the “Daiso Store”?

Turns out, it’s an amazing Japanese-style dollar store! It also turned out that there was one very close to where I was staying in LA last week! 😀

Did I go? Well, yes. And I got THESE!!!!! 😀


These were only $1.50 each!!!! I got one in each style that I liked. There were some that I left, however, because I liked the style but not so much the print.

They are branded as being made for the “Elly” doll, and it says on the back that they will fit no other doll. (We’ll just see about that, Daiso 😉 ) They had the “Elly” doll there (she’s $1.50, too), and while she was really cute, I decided against buying her.

The Daiso Store (or, as it is officially called, “Daiso Japan”) also has AMAZING craft supplies and jewelry…I picked up some packs of embroidery floss, hair combs, and makeup, all for only $1.50 each!!! AND, (side trail 😉 ) they had tons of flavors of Pocky, which is basically the best food EVER. (It’s like a chocolate cookie stick dipped in chocolate, but they had other flavors like chocolate almond, green tea, strawberry chocolate, and chocolate mint!)

Can you tell I’m excited to show you these in more detail??? 😀

First, I found this one that I got for a future, Cinderella-esque project (which is still confidential for now).

It comes with a dress, shoes, necklace, and veil-like thing!


Unfortunately, the shoes don’t fit any doll that I own. Here is Barbie Midge trying her best to wear them! I actually ended up throwing these away because they were oddly sticky.


The necklace, unfortunately, broke as soon as I stretched it, and the veil was hard to put on.

BUT! The dress is AMAZING!!!!!!  It is ridiculously well made for only a $1.50 item. I have bought fashion packs at regular Dollar Trees before, but they usually fall apart the moment you handle them, and they typically don’t have any velcro.

This dress has velcro, and every edge is hemmed. The lace is beautifully added, too. There are even bits of elastic at the top where the lace attaches.


I was eager to see which dolls these amazing packs would fit, starting with Liv Sophie.  The dress looks great from the front (especially with Sophie’s vibrant blue eyes), but it’s a bit too small and gapes in the back.


It works wonderfully on Disney Descendants Evie.


It also looks lovely on Project MC2 Cameron Coyle.


It fits even better on DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl.


Given that this dress looks a bit Cinderella-ish, I immediately wanted to try it on Ashlynn Ella. It is a bit baggy, so some tailoring will be needed for a perfect fit, but it looks good in photos!


It even fits Bratz Cloe, even though it is a bit baggy! (Who is shorter than usual because I have her in Ever After High Blondie Lockes’ boots, not her own shoes.)


It is a little small on Barbie Midge, but once again, it looks great in pictures!


In the end, I decided that for now, Blondie should wear it, since it goes well with her blue eyes and blonde hair. I also tried putting on the little veil, but I’ll let you all be the judge of whether that was a good idea. 😉


Now that we have all of the which-dolls-do-these-fit stuff out of the way, I’m going to just have fun showing you the rest of the packs I got!!

Starting with……KIMONOS!!! 😀 I got the three different styles they had, but I forgot to take an in-package pic until I had busted open the first one. 😉


These little packs come with a kimono, sash, sandals, and flower hairband.

Like the other shoes, these sandals do not fit.

BUT the kimonos and hairbands are AWESOME! As with the first pack, they are really well made. The kimonos all have an adorable bow and heart print, with lace edging.

The kimonos themselves have no method of closure, but they come with an ADORABLE separate sash. Two out of three of mine had a polka-dotted (!!!!!) bow on them! 😀 ❤


Here is this pack on Miss Ashlynn (with the hairband)! 😀


Cute, right??? You ain’t seen nothing yet. 😉

The next pack (the blue one) I put on Liv Sophie.


I also thought Gigi would look adorable in the hot pink one.


Here are all three of our kimono girls! (I put the headband on Sophie) 🙂


Next, I bought this school girl fashion pack, which comes with a one-piece vest, skirt, and top, shoes, and socks.

I immediately thought that Batgirl/Barbara would look awesome in it, because, you know, Gotham Academy! 😀


100_3528I think it was meant to be a dress, but there was no way that ultra-tall Barbara could pull that off. So she donned some black pants. 🙂

However, the bow tie kind of looked like it was strangling her. So I removed it, and put on her head like a hair bow. 🙂


BTW, the socks did fit her well, but I opted to leave them off for pictures.

Finally, I got this adorable, vintage-style swing top set, which comes with aa top, leggings, and the same shoes as the Cinderella pack.


I decided that Cameron looked the best in it, although the leggings are way too small and barely work for pictures.100_3537100_3538

Here are all of the girls wearing their new outfits! 😀


Let me know using the poll below whose outfit you like best! 😀 For me it’s definitely Ashlynn. That sash just kills me, it’s so cuteee!!

Thank you for reading, and if you’d like to see more posts from me, make sure to follow! 😀

Oh, and one more thing. 😉 Doll Dimensions now has a Flickr page, where I’m sharing my favorite pictures, some of which haven’t even appeared on the blog yet! It’s the best way to get the inside scoop on all things Doll Dimensions!


❤ Grace ❤


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  1. I loved this post! The outfits are so cute! I really love the sash, with the polka-dot bow, that goes with the kimonos. It’s adorable! Nice work!

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