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Traveling With Dolls: Packing Tips!

Hellooooo! 😀

Remember the road trip to LA I discussed in my Travel Poll post? 😀 Well, I’m so psyched to announce that we leave this Saturday!!! EEEEEEP! 😀  I actually bought a Dash Cam, so my mom and I plan on filming some silly stuff in the car, which will be posted on my YouTube channel as they happen. 🙂

Anyway, today I’m going to share with you some of my packing tips if you’re planning on traveling with dolls. Obviously, if you’re only taking one doll, she/he shouldn’t take up much space and you could even put her/him in your purse.

However, if you’re a crazy teenage like me with an abnormal doll obsession, you may need to take more than one doll. 😉 You may even need to put a poll on your blog asking people which dolls you should take. 😉

If you’re driving to your destination and thus don’t have to fit everything in one carry-on, you can have a tote bag dedicated to doll/craft/photography stuff. In my case, however, we’re driving to LA but flying back–so my stuff needed to be condensed.

Here is Midge to tell us about how she chose her travel wardrobe!


“Hey, everyone! It’s groovy to be here! Since we’re going to be traveling for a few weeks, I knew I needed a lot of outfits, but I couldn’t take up too much room. Here’s the secret: pack items that you can mix and match for lots of different looks!”

“For example, this denim jacket that Sophie lent me can be worn with all of my other outfits, in case it gets chilly. And this white top can go with any of my skirts or pants!”


“I also recommend packing light on shoes. I know, I know, it sounds totally crazy! But honestly, all you really need are some casual shoes for walking (I chose these white sneakers) and some dressy shoes for dinner (I chose my favorite red heels). And don’t forget a purse! I also chose my favorite flower sunglasses.”



“Finally, take your phone, so you can call your doll-friends back home and take lots of selfies!”


“What? Oh, you mean this kind of phone. Ooops!” 😉


Once you have everything chosen, I like to pack the items in Ziplock bags, labeling them to indicate whose clothing it contains. (this one has most of the girls’ belongings)


Another tip from Frankie: “When you’re traveling with your BFFs, and they happen to be the same clothing and shoe size as you, you can arrange to share items and save a lot of space! For example, Poppy, Holly, and I are sharing tops and skirts so that we don’t have to pack as much.”

Also, here is a sneak peek at my next tutorial!!

That’s all for now, folks! Now I have to go pack my own clothes! 😉 (which, unfortunately, do not all fit into one Ziplock bag 😉 )



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