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My Little Pony Restoration + New Video on YouTube!

Hello, darlings!!!! (can you tell I’m channeling Rarity?? 😉 )

Incidentally, this is a My Little Pony themed post! This past weekend my mum and I went yard-sale-ing and thrift-store-ing and I found two ponies! They did, however, need some work.

One, from a yard sale, is a Generation 3 pony named Pretty Palace. I was very surprised to learn that she is considered a rare pony! It seems that she was only released once on Black Friday at Walmart as a bonus pony in a playset. Here is her stock photo (source: Strawberry Reef):


Well, she didn’t look exactly like that when I got her. She actually looked more like this:


Her body had lots of smudges and some pencil marks, along with a large scuff on one eye. Her hair basically felt like straw, too. Ewwww!

As I was preparing to wash her hair, however, I noticed something odd.


Notice it now? Her head can turn! I’ve never seen a G3 pony whose head can turn before, and her vinyl is a lot harder than most of my G3 ponies. I love this feature, and I think it makes her a lot more photogenic.

But honestly, she wasn’t photogenic at all at this point. 😉

I started by more closely examining her eye.


I painted over the scuff with black paint and a tiny brush.

I also used nail polish remover (aka acetone) to remove the many pencil marks and scuffs on her body.



At this point, her hair was still just horrific, to put it lightly. I started with a boil wash, then combed out the hair and washed it again with conditioner. I also needed to trim the ends of her tail and mane, which were hanging unevenly. Her hair still isn’t perfect…I think the hair itself has been stretched out too much…But it still looks a lot better than before! 😀

Presenting the new and improved Pretty Palace! Wait a minute. That’s not a very personalized name. 😉 How about….Penelope Pretty Palace? 😀 That way, she can keep her given name but have a real first name. Because seriously, who names their child (or foal, in this case) “Pretty”? That’s a bit egotistical. 😉


My other rescue case to show you is even older. This is a stock-ish photo of Heart Throb, a Generation 1 pony, whom I found at a thrift store. (source: Strawberry Reef)


The weird thing here is that there were several versions made of Heart Throb. Some were green and purple, not pink, and one was even an alicorn, not just a pegasus. What’s weird about that, you may ask? Well, my Heart Throb is the Italian version. How the heck does a pony only released in Italy in the 80’s get all the way to a Florida thrift store in 2016?! Hmmmm….maybe she has an interesting story to tell. (stay tuned! 😉 )

Anyway, here is my Heart Throb:


Not the best. She didn’t have any marks on her body, just overall dirt and frizzed out hair.


Once again, I started with a boil wash. I also scrubbed her with a tooth brush (not the one I use for my mouth, of course 😉 ). I conditioned her hair, too, and put a curler into the mane and tail.

So without further ado, here is the lovely Heart Throb all cleaned up!


And just so you know, ever since I found she is Italian, I started imagining that she has an Italian accent. So if she appears in any videos, she’ll probably sound like Super Mario. Because I do an awful Italian voice. Just a warning. 😉

Here are my two new ponies hanging with the girls! 😀


The other thing I have to show you today is sort of weird (but honestly, why expect anything less from me? 😉 ). Similar to the Valentines Day Gingerbread Wars post, I was very tired and slaphappy when I decided to hand the camera over to Clawdeen and let her film a vlog of her very own. Brace yourselves! 😀

Also, let me know if you like the idea of me introducing each video by having a different doll say, “You are now entering the Doll Dimensions Zone!” I know it’s kind of silly, but I kind of like it. 😛




4 thoughts on “My Little Pony Restoration + New Video on YouTube!

  1. Clawdeen, I loved your vlog! You’re not unprofessional at all, you did a great job with the house tour! I would love to see more from you and the rest of the dolls, but I like Grace’s videos too, so maybe pass that along to her? I like the introduction too, with the different dolls saying “Welcome to the Doll Dimensions zone!” It’s not silly, it’s the perfect intro. And your accent is the coolest! 😀 XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Grace,
    I actually have a G1 My Little Pony from Italy that was given to me by a girl I used to babysit when she ‘outgrew’ her ponies and was getting rid of her collection. She had gotten it because her father had traveled overseas with the military. Are there any prominent military bases in Florida?
    Signed, Treesa


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