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Bratz #SelfieSnaps Cloe Review + Photoshoot + Results of the Travel Poll!

Whew! That was a long title! 😀

But it’s because we have a lot of exciting stuff to talk about today!  First up, the results of the travel poll!

And the fifth doll that will be traveling with me to California is…..(drumroll)…….Frankie! 😀 Thank you so much to everyone who voted!

Aaaaaaand…..there will actually also be a sixth doll going…who is the outrageously adorable #SelfieSnaps Cloe Doll from Bratz that I bought! 😀

Read on to see my review and photos of her!

#SelfieSnaps Cloe

Here is Cloe in her packaging. I find this style of box very appealing, with lots of clever nods to Cloe’s character, including pigs, angel wings, soccer balls, and girly stuff like jewels and strawberries! 😀 Cloe is a girl after my own heart. 😉


Here is her adorable box art!

100_3020A cute doodle! 100_3022


I really love that the back of the box features Cloe taking selfies with her friends!100_3024

I love the emojis!



I think Cloe is the cutest out of this line, but Jade is beautiful, too!


Awwww it’s a piggy on a soccer ball! 😀 ❤100_3027

Here is Cloe with the outer packaging removed…you can see her a lot better this way, and she’s adorable!


Her accessories (there are a lot of them!) are mounted in a separate blister pack.


Here is Cloe removed from her box…first we’ll look at her, then her accessories.


Cloe herself comes wearing a cute gray top with the word “Selfie” on it. (I would SO wear this top!) Underneath is a floral skirt. I thought these would be one piece, like a dress, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are separate pieces! 😀 There are a lot more outfit options with these as separates, since she can wear the selfie top with other pants or skirts, and the skirt with other tops!


Her face is adorable and engaging…she looks joyful and surprised. I also love her freckles and blue eyes! 🙂


This Cloe is very unique in one respect: she has cotton candy-pink hair! 😀 It was in good condition out of the box, but here is the hair before and after brushing. (The brush she comes with, which we’ll get to later, works great!)


Her hair is ridiculously fun to play with. It’s perfect doll hair…not greasy or prone to tangles at all! Here’s a quick waterfall braid I did on her.

Ahhh such a gorgeous color!


And the shoes. Oh, man. These shoes are pretty darn epic. They’re pink with studs and wings on the backs. 😀 I love the attention to detail on the painting job.


Now then, on to the accessories! 🙂

Here is the blister pack on it’s own.


And here are all of the accessories removed. In all, you get a purse, a phone, two phone cases, a knit hat, a pair of earrings, a bracelet, two necklaces, a lipstick, and a pair of glasses! 😀 The accessories are one of the things that I love best about the new Bratz. They’re all so well done and detailed, and are all matched to the individual characters’ styles.


Here are some close-ups of each of the accessories. 🙂

Her envelope purse!
The back of the purse!
Her lip brush (which works very well)!
The back of the brush!
Her AMAZING hipster glasses!
Her blue slouchy hat!
Her pink phone, which has a tiny pair of lips for the home button!!!!!!
The back of the phone, which also has lips, and a little camera lense!!!
Her emoji earrings! 😉
Her first phone case, which is a PIG in a DIAPER! How could it get better than this??!
Her second phone case, which has a huge bow on it! ❤
Her first necklace, which has a bow that matches the phone case.
Her second necklace, which says #Wingz, ’cause Cloe’s all about the angel wings!
Her lipstick, which matches her actual lipstick color!
Her bracelet, which has a tiny painted bow!

Now it’s time for the photos where I basically squealed like a five-year-old whilst trying on all of the various accessories… 😉


Selfie time!!! 😀

And here is Cloe with her MGA sister, Cameron Coyle! I think the two brands look great together.


Aaaaand, because I am truly a child on the inside, I attempted to cosplay Cloe by putting on my pale pink wig and hipster glasses! Then, of course, we had to take a selfie together. 😉

#Twinsies 😀 ❤ ❤

CAM01228 (1)

I hope you enjoyed this review and photoshoot of the incredibly gorgeous #SelfieSnaps Cloe doll! 😀  Comment below and let me know which of her accessories is your fave! 🙂

My favorite is the glasses…if it wasn’t already obvious… 😉

100_3095 copy





7 thoughts on “Bratz #SelfieSnaps Cloe Review + Photoshoot + Results of the Travel Poll!

  1. Great review; I hadn’t seen this type of doll before, so now I’m intrigued! The hipster glasses are also my favorite accessory, I love when dolls come with glasses, and I love your selfie (#twinsies) at the end! 😀

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