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Doll Grecian Dress Tutorial and Photo Shoot

Hello, hello, hello! 😀

Today I’m ecstatic to bring you a brand-spanking new tutorial and photo shoot–hot off the sewing machine! 😉

Cupid and Megara were both feeling a little homesick, so their friends decided to cheer them up with an Ancient Greece fashion show! 😀 You’ll be seeing our girls as some famous Greek figures, including Ashlynn Ella as Artemis, Sophie as Aphrodite, Cupid as, well Cupid 😉 (or, technically, Eros), and Apple White as Lady Justice (I suppose the Greek equivalent is Themis).

Here’s a sneak peek at the finished product! 😀 (if you’re only here for photos, there are plenty more at the end 😉 )



  •  You have a lot of flexibility with this craft…you could even use pastel colored fabrics for a different look, and you can use pretty much any gold accents or doll accessories that you have lying around.
  • This project can be sewn completely by hand, or using a sewing machine.

Here are the required materials:

  • White stretch fabric (I used an old t-shirt)
  • White organza, chiffon, or any other sheer fabric that you like
  • A needle and thread, or a sewing machine
  • Any gold accents that you like (I used gold cord trim and some scraps of gold chain)
  • Any gold doll accessories that you can find (I used Thronecoming Cupid’s accessories, along with some of the Monster High 13 Wishes Haunt the Casbah doll accessories)

Step 1:

Cut a piece of the white fabric into a piece that measures from elbow to elbow on your doll, and goes about an inch past her feet (this is for seam allowance).



Step 2:

Hem the top and bottom of the fabric, and wrap it around the doll inside-out. Holding the two edges together, mark along the shape of the doll’s body, following the curve of her bust and waist but going outward to the edge of the fabric as soon as you get past the waist.


Step 3: Sew along this line using a sewing machine or your needle and thread. Note that it is always better to sew a bit outside of your line, rather than inside of it. It is always easier to take in something and make it smaller than to rip out your seam and make it bigger.


Trim off the excess fabric, zig-zag the edge, and try it on the doll.

Next, we are going to create the sheer shoulder piece so iconic on Grecian gowns.

Step 4:

Cut a piece of organza (or whatever sheer fabric you chose) that is approximately the same size as the first piece was.


Step 5:

Hem the fabric using a zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine, or by hand using the same method as in my Cerise Hood gown tutorial.


Step 6:

Pleat one end by folding it two times, accordian-style. Stitch across the end to hold it in place.


Step 7:

Arrange the strip over one of the doll’s shoulders. You can get really creative here with the arrangement. 100_2968

Once it is arranged the way you want, use a few hand stitches to tack the strip on the doll’s back.


Wrap the remaining length of organza around the doll’s waist in any way you like, tacking it down with a few hand stitches wherever you would like it to end.


And you’re done with the basic dress! 😀


Next, here are some dress variations:

VARIATION 1 (this is what I did for Cupid’s dress)):

Mark and cut two small holes approximately where the doll’s armpits are, then carry on as usual. (This ONLY works if the fabric is stretch and non-fraying) Place it on the doll inside-out, putting her arms through the holes before continuing to the next step (step 3).


VARIATION 2 (this is what I did for Cupid’s dress):

Instead of placing the organza strip over one of the doll’s shoulders, tack the middle of the piece on the doll’s back, then drape the sides over the doll’s arms, shawl-style.

Now, for the accents! 😀

I used a gold cord trim (from the craft store) for a lot of my accents. I wrapped it in various ways for belts, and crocheted a chain with it for headbands. I also tried braiding it for headbands, and that looked great, too!

If you have some jewelry-making supplies, I used pieces of chain and a clasp to create Sophie’s belt…And as I mentioned earlier, gold factory accessories for the dolls are great, too.

Finally….are you ready to rock Mount Olympus?! 😀

Cupid as herself 😉


Ashlynn as Artemis100_2979100_2981100_2983

Sophie as Aphrodite100_2984100_2985100_2987

And Apple as Lady Justice/Themis!100_2988100_2990

And with her blindfold removed. 🙂 100_2991100_2992

Aaaand the girls just messing around… 😉



Ashlynn: Um, Apple, I think your blindfold is slipping.

Cupid: Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to climb into the scales of justice….’Cause I think they’re tipping too far…

Apple: What are you guys doing? Is the photo shoot over yet? Are you guys in my scales again? I can’t see anything with this blindfold on.

I hope you enjoyed this super-long tutorial and photo shoot! 😀

Would you all like to see more historic doll outfits? ‘Cause I’m kind of a history geek. 😉

Let me know what you think! 😀





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