DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl Dorm Room + New Outfits!

Hellooooo!! 😀

So I really, really love my  DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl doll, and I was eager to try some more projects and photo shoots with her.

I haven’t seen the DC Super Hero Girls TV special yet (because I don’t get Boomerang, and it isn’t on Netflix yet), but at least in the webisodes, we haven’t seen Batgirl/Barbara’s dorm room like we’ve seen Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn’s. So when I wanted to create a dorm room for Barbara, I had to come up with my own ideas.

I looked at what we know about her so far from the webisodes and from her box and ID card. First, she loves technology and computers, so I wanted to incorporate that into her room. I also imagine that since she is a detective, she probably loves mystery books like Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and Sherlock Holmes. I bet she also loves a good cup of tea/coffee with a book. I imagine that she’s probably a total fangirl, so I wanted to add into her room some symbols of shows and movies I think she would like. 🙂

As for the actual construction of the room, I followed this video by My Froggy Stuff. I made a bed roughly following My Froggy Stuff’s doll bed tutorial. 

These were my plans…and here’s the finished room! 😀 My favorite part is that the room can fold up and be moved easily.

Her shelf on the right side features a magnifying glass (for her detective work 😉 ), a Toothless figurine (from How to Train Your Dragon), a Batman figurine, and a Jetray figurine (from Ben 10). I also put a decorative black scroll poster, and a place for her to hang up her utility belt and mask when she’s not fighting crime.


And her Bat Computer!


Also, I found some new outfits for Barbara! Her ID card says that she is a martial arts expert, and I found this old Mulan outfit that I think makes a great martial arts outfit/pajama set for her!

Also, her bed has a bat shaped headboard, and a jumbo yellow pillow.


I also tried on this Barbie leather jacket and skirt, and loved the look!100_2931

So what do you think of Batgirl’s new room and outfits? 😀 I’m sorely tempted to start making rooms for all of my dolls, since they’re quick, inexpensive, and can easily be folded and stored.





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