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A Doll Rescue Story: Disney’s Megara

Howdy, y’all!

I’m really excited to share with you another Doll Rescue Story: this time, a Disney Megara doll!

I really, really love Megara. She’s definitely in my Top 3 favorite unofficial Disney Princess list (along with Vanellope von Schweetz and Jane Porter).  She’s hilarious, has gorgeous hair, and her catchphrase is awesome:

(source: Oh My Disney)

“It’s been a real slice.”

If that isn’t enough, there’s the awesome Meg: My Life in Purple and Plastic blog by MyLittleMegara!

And BTW, you NEED to watch this clip of the Disney World Megara interacting with people…she is SPOT on and hilarious!! 😀 😛

Anyway, I’ve wanted a Meg doll for a while, but one of the only versions of her ever made is selling for anywhere from $80 to $200 online!  I didn’t think I’d ever get my hands on one until recently at my local Goodwill.  They don’t usually have a ton of dolls, but I think someone donated a boatload of Disney dolls at once.  I didn’t really want any of them, because they were unarticulated and the ones at the Disney Store are cuter and better articulated.  But one doll caught my eye from the bottom of the pile.

I grabbed her up and immediately knew I would buy her, but the poor thing didn’t have any clothes…and most of her front hair had been hacked off.  I knew a simple boil wash couldn’t fix this. But for $.99, why not?!

Here’s how poor Meg looked when she arrived at home: (note the cut off front)


I wasn’t sure where to begin with a reroot, but I found a large fake hair extension on sale at a beauty store that I thought would work great.  I used My Froggy Stuff’s instructions to make a reroot tool and root Meg with a new head of hair.


Now that you’ve seen the before, here’s the after!

An improvement, right? 😀


I realize that her new hairstyle isn’t totally movie-accurate, and it’s crazy long, but I kind of like it that way. 😛 I tried to make her a Grecian-style dress, and I know it’s not movie accurate either, but I think it’s fun anyway. :} (BTW, would you all like to see a Grecian dress tutorial?)

Here’s Meg being welcomed by the other Disney girls. 🙂



Anna:“We’re so glad you’re here!!”

Elsa: “Oh, it must have been just awful in that Goodwill!  But now you’re here, and you look gorgeous!”

Merida: “Nice to have you aboard, lassie!” 😉

Rapunzel:“We’re gonna have so much fun!”

Meg: “I think…..I think I’m gonna like it here.” (cue this song 😉 )

I hope you enjoyed reading about my rescue of our newest member of the Doll Dimensions gang!


It’s Been a Real Slice,

Grace 😉

9 thoughts on “A Doll Rescue Story: Disney’s Megara

  1. From one Meg fanatic to another: welcome aboard, Meg!!!!! I really love her new hair! Over the course of my search for Meg dolls on eBay, other online stores, and in thrift stores, I’ve had to do several Megara hair revamps… but never one quite this involved!!! Props to you for your patience, your hard work really paid off and she looks fantastic. Also, thanks for the shout out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, and you’re very welcome!!! 😀 It was pretty straight forward to reroot her, but there were a few places where the factory made holes too big to put hew hair plugs into, so she has a bald spot on her hairline. 😦 Otherwise, I love her, and I think she’ll make a great addition to our Disney gang. 😀


  2. Wow, I’m super impressed with the hair reroot; I’ve never done one of those, it looks really difficult! I’d love to see a Grecian dress tutorial if you ever post one. 🙂 You did an excellent job with restoring poor Meg to her former glory! (I regret to say I haven’t watched her movie, but you’re making me want to.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 😀 The reroot was actually pretty easy…but I learned the hard way that having the right hair is important. The first time I tried a reroot I used a dollar store hair extension for kids, and it didn’t work too well! 😛 And BTW, the movie is on Netflix… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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