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DIY Miniature Elements of Harmony Necklaces

Hello, everyone!!

Today I’m excited to bring you a brand-new tutorial!!

As a lot of you know, I’m obsessed with My Little Pony, and I have all of the Mane 8 (the Mane 6 +Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer) in brushable form except for Twilight.  However, there’s a new brushable of her coming out this spring, so I’ll get my wish soon. 🙂

Anyway, I love MLP, but I wish that they sold little Elements of Harmony necklaces with the ponies that actually look like they do in the show…So I put together a tutorial on how to make Elements of Harmony necklaces for your ponies! 😀

Here’s my reference picture:

Source: MLP.wikia

And here are the materials you will need:

  • Craft foam
  • Gold paint (I used spray paint, but bottled paint would work great, too)
  • Paint in the colors of the elements you want (i.e. blue if you want to do Pinkie’s necklace, red if you want to do Rainbow’s, etc.)
  • Mod Podge
  • A small paintbrush
  • A Hot glue gun

Step 1:

Sketch out the design of the necklace on craft foam.  This is pretty simple, and it’s so tiny that mistakes don’t show that much.  If you want to make a whole set, I’d recommend starting with something simple, like Pinkie’s balloon or Rarity’s diamond.

Here are all of mine (and my sketches certainly aren’t perfect!)


Step 2:

Cut it out (I used tiny embroidery scissors to get precise cuts).


Step 3: Paint the necklace gold (I used spray paint because it was what I had on hand).  Tip: Paint the side that has your sketch on it.  This will prevent the design from being reversed.

Top: Rarity’s necklace; Bottom: Pinkie’s necklace, painted gold.

Step 4:

Paint the element.   I used a variety of acrylic paints that I had on hand.  Allow to dry.  You’ll notice that I have 7 necklaces instead of five…it’s because I wanted to make necklaces for Starlight and Sunset. 🙂


Left column from top to bottom: Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy; Right column from top to bottom: Applejack, Starlight Glimmer, and Sunset Shimmer

Step 5:

Coat the necklace in Mod Podge, and allow to dry.


Step 6: Use small dots of hot glue to temporarily attach the necklace to your pony.  It doesn’t hurt the pony to do this, and it keeps the look of the show where the necklaces don’t wrap all the way around their necks.

Loyalty, Generosity, Honesty, Forgiveness, Laughter, Equality, and Kindness.


Enjoy your Elements of Harmony!!! 😀

Now all we need is our Twily! As soon as the second wave of the Explore Equestria brushables comes out, I’ll share my completed Mane 8 and how I plan to make Twilight’s crown and complete the collection! 😀




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