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Liv Doll Restoration: How to Get Sharpie Out Of Doll Hair

Howdy! 🙂

Today I have something cool to share….how to get Sharpie out of doll hair!

As you all know, I love buying dolls at thrift stores and yard sales and restoring them.  It’s an awesome way to get what you want for a lower price–especially if you’re looking for older dolls.

Recently, I discovered a fully dressed Sophie Liv doll at a consignment shop…according to Amazon, she’s the first Sophie ever made, and is listed at $75!

Here’s how she looked when I first got her:


Apparently a kid went wild with the Sharpies, because look at the back of poor Sophie’s head!  According to Amazon, she originally came with pink streaks, even though the stock photos don’t show that.  I wouldn’t have minded that, but these black and blue streaks obviously didn’t come on her.


Being able to remove the wig made it much easier to work with, but you could use these ideas even on a rooted doll.

After combing out the wig, I let it soak for an entire day in a cup of isopropyl alcohol.  I took a washcloth and rubbed at all of the colored spots, letting it soak in between. I didn’t take a picture of this step because all it would have been was a picture of a cup. :}

Here’s Sophie after the wig’s restoration!


I’m so thrilled that I got a fully dressed and wigged Liv doll for only a few dollars, and I can’t believe she is the original Sophie!  I’m also pretty amazed at the quality of Liv clothing, having never owned any before.  Her denim jacket and pleated skirt are adorable!  And of course, the articulation is fantastic.  The above picture was taken while Sophie was kneeling like a pro!

I hope this helps any Sharpied up dolls you may find!  Do you all run across Liv dolls very often?  I’ve been finding them in thrift stores lately, though usually without wigs.



9 thoughts on “Liv Doll Restoration: How to Get Sharpie Out Of Doll Hair

  1. Your doll looks wonderful now! I remembered my mishap with marker in the hair. I went to several drug stores in search of isopropyl alcohol, haven’t found it to this day. They have regular ethyl alcohol, but the first drug store refused to sell it without a DOCTOR’S PRESCRIPTION! How do I get a prescription for cleaning ink stains? And no, I wasn’t underage. Anyway, my doll had to be rerooted. We have very weird rules about chemicals.

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  2. Your Sophie looks lovely! I’m especially fond of Sophie because she’s the first Liv doll I ever bought; it’s really exciting you found her for such a deal! My real problem lies with Liv doll wigs being a rat’s nest – I have a hard time brushing them out sometimes. 🙂 I’ll keep this in mind if I ever find a thrift store doll with Sharpie in her hair, thanks for posting!

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