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DC Superhero Girls Batgirl Review + a Peek at my Batgirl Cosplay!

Whew!!!  Yesterday was turn-in day for the fair, and I’m proud to say that I turned in 40 items! 😀  Judging is today, and tomorrow we can go and see what we got!  I hope to get back to a more regular posting schedule now.

Anyhoo, I was SO excited when I first heard about Mattel’s new DC Superhero Girls line of dolls.  If you’ve read any of my Ever After Heroes posts, you know that I really love superheroes, especially Batgirl. I was really happy with my Holly O’Hair Batgirl, but I didn’t want her to stay in that outfit indefinitely. Even if she did, she’d always be just Holly O’Hair in a Batgirl costume.

So when I heard that there would be an actual Batgirl/Barbara Gordon doll available in regular stores, I kind of freaked out.  Like, I squealed with delight.  And again when I found them in a Target near me!

So here’s my review of DC Superhero Girls Batgirl!


Here she is in the box (with a good dose of glare).  I really love the graphic of her on the front, and the back has some really fun information about her and her personality. (NOTE: her top was wanting to photograph blue instead of purple, so I edited the contrast a touch to make it more accurate)


Her besties are Wonder Woman and Supergirl…I KNEW IT! 😉 I guess I’ll just have to buy them, too… 😉  And the fact that her fave class is Forensics is just TOO awesome for words.


Here is the box without the plastic.  I really love the background of Super Hero High, which has some silhouettes of other heroes, the most recognizable of which is Hawkgirl. (Remember my Ashlynn Hawkgirl? 😀 )


She was pretty easy to remove, with no plastic ties of horror! 😀

Here is everything that comes in the package (I wish there were a stand).


Batgirl/Barbara Gordon comes with this identification card…I really like the picture of her on this.  It’s really hard to get a pic of this, because it’s sparkly and thus very glare-y.


Here is Barbara herself.  Her hair is somewhat gelled, but pretty good out of the box.  I still plan on boil washing a bit, though.  Wanna know something cool?  Batgirl’s hair is almost exactly the shade of mine! 🙂



100_2654Here she is with her mask removed.


She has pink lipstick and green/hazel eyes.  Wanna know something else cool?  My eyes are hazel, too! 😀 She’s like a mini-me!  I also REALLY appreciate that they didn’t give her pencil-thin eyebrows, ’cause mine sure aren’t. 😉  I really love her face!

Here is her mask by itself…it goes on like a pair of glasses, and I really like the shape.


Batgirl wears this purple shirt, and it has a circuit board pattern on the front.  I like that this ties into her computer theme, but from a distance it looks a bit like polkadots.  I would have liked it better solid purple.  It also has a hood attached with a hole for her hair to fit through.  The hood has little bat ears, designed to look similar to a traditional Batman/Batgirl cowl.  The problem here is that the ears flop over…but it’s still really cool!



I prefer her with the hood down, but she’s adorable both ways!

Moving down, she has a cool torso joint!  While I think that she is a bit skinner than Barbie, she’s got a cool muscular mold and is larger in proportion than Ever After High or Monster High dolls.

She also wears these cool yellow gauntlets, which can be taken off after removing her hands, which are painted black.


One of her hands is in the traditional Mattel two-finger-stuck-together position, and the other one is in a gripping fist.  This makes it REALLY fun to pose her knocking on doors, with her hand on her hip, or holding something.  The art on the box shows her gripping a little Batarang…that would have been really fun to have.  In fact, seeing how fun it is to have different hand shapes makes me wish that Mattel would copy what a lot of Japanese companies do, and sell packs of different hand shapes.  That would be SO fun.  I’d love to see some typing hands, since Batgirl loves computers.


Here is that hand in comparison to an Ever After High hand.  As you can see, the main difference is that the DC Superhero Girls hand has thicker fingers and a thicker peg, making it feel more substantial.


She also wears a yellow utility belt (I think I’ll come back later and add some black detailing.)  Because, seriously, what would Batgirl be without a utility belt??!


She also wears a black backpack with wings attached to it.  I really like this, but I think I would have liked to see a cape, considering that the DC Superhero Girls theme song is Get Your Cape On (which, by the way, is the best theme song EVER.  I’m thoroughly addicted to it and blast it whenever I’m alone. 😉 )


Her pants are black, with a yellow stitching line down the side.  I like this stitching–it dresses up what would have been a plain pair of pants.  I can see myself using these pants in a lot of outfits.


Moving down, she wears super cool industrial boots in yellow.  I really appreciate the careful painting on the black laces, and I love that the bottoms are ridged.  There’s even cool stitching, wrinkle, and eyelet detail!


Next, I wanted to do a comparison of Barbara’s feet with other doll’s feet to see if there were any shoe-sharing possibilities.

Here is her foot next to an Ever After High foot (for all of these comparisons, Batgirl’s foot is on the right).  Her foot has a much lower arch that EAH and MH.100_2670

Thus, poor Barbara couldn’t wear Maddie’s shoes.100_2672

Here she is with a Disney Descendants Doll (Genie Chic Evie, to be exact).


Their feet are much closer in size and arch, so Batgirl can wear Descendants shoes, with just a hint of heel poking out.


Next, I wanted to see if Ever After High boy doll shoes could fit.

Here is Barbara with Dexter’s foot.


They are very close in size, but Barbara’s mild arch is enough to keep her from wearing Dexter’s flat-footed sneakers.


To conclude, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (is that enough love? 😉 ) DC Superhero girls!  I grew up watching cartoons like Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Legion of Superheros, etc.  I was a total girly-girl, but I always wished that they made superhero products marketed towards girls.  I am so, so happy that I bought Batgirl/Barbara, and I can’t wait to get my hands on Supergirl and Wonder Woman.  100_2684

Ooops, I almost forgot!  Remember how I said a few posts back that I was making a DC Superhero Girls Batgirl costume?  Here’s a peek at the utility belt! 😀


I’m hoping to post tomorrow, after I go to the fair to see what everything got! 😀

I hope you enjoyed this review and sneak peek!



8 thoughts on “DC Superhero Girls Batgirl Review + a Peek at my Batgirl Cosplay!

  1. Your cosplay is looking fantastic, and I can’t believe how many items you turned in for the fair…good luck! As for the DC Superhero Girls, I actually hadn’t heard of them, so thank you for the review! I think I’ll have to get one. It’s so much fun to have a doll that looks like yourself…I was so excited when I saw Rosabella Beauty because she has glasses, like me, so I definitely understand what you mean! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 😀 It’s always fun to see brand new dolls…and I agree that Rosabella has adorable glasses! I wish that Mattel would do fashion packs that include glasses for either Barbie or EAH.

      Liked by 1 person

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