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The O’Hair Files~ A Short Story Part 2!

Thank you all so much…I’m so encouraged by the positive response to The O’Hair Files. ❤ 😀

I hope you enjoy part two!!! 😀



I knew what we had to do.

A few hours later, Poppy and I were crouched in the dining car, hiding behind a booth.  I squinted into the dark.  There were no lights on—the dining car had closed an hour ago.  I had decided that based off of the note (which was probably supposed to be delivered to another T.R.E.B.L.E. agent), some sort of exchange—possible of that stolen necklace— would happen tonight.  We didn’t have any gadgets or weapons.  All we had was our martial arts skills and our wits.  We waited for another half hour before I heard footsteps.  A door opened and two shadowy figures entered.  One flicked on the lights.  I blinked from the exposure, but managed to make out the brunette and the waiter she had been talking to earlier.

“Okay, you got the necklace?” She spoke.

“Yeah,” he answered gruffly.  “And a ton of other ice no one even noticed was missing.  You take out that F.L.A.M.E. agent?”

“Tried to,” she remarked scornfully.  “But her heel nearly broke my foot off!”

“Never mind.  You probably scared her off,” he answered.  “Here.”  I peered around a corner and watched him give her a box filled with jewelry.  They were about to leave when we made our move.  I karate chopped the man in the neck from behind.  He fell to the ground, but the girl pulled out a gun.  I froze.  I wasn’t sure what to do— but I knew I had to do something.  That’s what secret agents are trained to do.  I was trying to think of exactly what that something would be when something knocked me over the head and I blacked out.

When my eyes opened again, I felt ropes around my hands and realized I was stuffed in a closet.  I felt beside me, and realized Poppy was with me, too.  I wasn’t sure what had happened, but I knew that somehow, our plan had failed.  Now, we had to come up with a way to get out of here.

“Poppy!” I hissed into the dark.  “POPPY!”

“What?” she shook herself awake.  “What happened?”

“I’m not sure,” I whispered tensely.  “But we need to get out of here, or those thieves will escape with all of those jewels!”  I suddenly remembered something.  I had put on my favorite ring this morning, which also happens to have a hidden blade in it.  You just have to twist the jewel a certain way.  Yes!  It popped out and I started sawing at the ropes.

“What’s our next move?” Poppy inquired while I worked.

“Not sure,” I grunted as I pulled myself free from the remains of the ropes.  “But I think we definitely need to notify the conductor and ask for some back-up.”  Within a few minutes, we were both free.  But then came the challenge of opening the door….we pounded and yelled for a while, but imagine my surprise when the door was flung open by none other than our Mr. Mystery, Darcy-on-Steroids himself!

“Oh!  Th-thank you!” I hyperventilated.

“Sure,” he replied.  He wasn’t able to say another word—Poppy and I were out of the room by then.  We had been stuck in a broom closet in the dining car, so we started running towards the conductor’s office.

We explained the situation, got back -p, then started searching the train.

“This might help,” Poppy said.  “I stuck this tracking device on the girl’s pen before we planted it back by her seat.”  We followed the signal to the caboose of the train.  Poppy looked up ahead, then put her finger to her lips.  We silently walked until we were right behind two shadowy figures that I recognized as the jewel thieves.

“Gotcha!” Poppy exclaimed as she karate-chopped one of the to the ground.  I heard footsteps behind me.

“Oh, no you don’t,” I exclaimed.  “I won’t fall for that again!”  The T.R.E.B.L.E. agent fell to the floor.

“You okay?” Poppy inquired.

“Yeah,” I breathed.

“I suppose it wouldn’t be any use to ask you how you did that so fast?” she grinned.

“Taser pen!” I whipped out my little gadget.

“Leave it to you to be ridiculously prepared for any situation!” Poppy laughed.  I sighed with relief when our back-up train workers carried the thieves off.  The conductor walked in and his eyes were wide.

“So the thieves have been caught,” The conductor smiled.  “Thanks in no small part to you girls.  Those people were about to escape in the morning with over $20,000 worth of jewels, some from our passengers, and some from other trains.”

“Then we need to return those jewels to the passengers immediately,” I remarked.

“It can wait until morning,” the conductor smiled. “You two have had quite a night.”  I smiled at my twin sister.

“Indeed we have,” I grinned.  “I can’t wait to tell the others.”

The next morning, Poppy and I were hugging Charlotte and Mrs. Lynden goodbye.  The news of Poppy and I recovering the jewels had spread throughout the whole train, but we hadn’t told anyone how we knew who the thieves were or where they would be.

“Actually, you were the one that sealed my hunch,” I said to Charlotte.

“How?” she asked with look of child-like wonder.

“Well, when you asked me what my favorite color was at dinner, I remembered that you had said your favorite was purple.  I remembered that the brunette had on purple clothing.  That piece of clothing I ripped off was lavender, but that alone wasn’t enough to prove she was the culprit.  After all, anyone on the train could be wearing lavender.  It was the blotch of purple ink on it that made me want to check her pen.  Sure enough, it was a leaky pen with purple ink!”

“WOW!” Charlotte gasped.  “I helped to catch jewel thieves!”

“What about our mysterious man?” Poppy asked.

“Not sure…but I knew he couldn’t be the thief.  Not after the person in the baggage car screamed like a girl!” I winked.

 We hugged the Lyndens goodbye one last time, and stepped onto the platform to wait for Dexter and the others to pick us up.  The mountain scenery was amazing, and I could see the cabins in the distance.  Just then, I watched as the mysterious man started to pull something out of his briefcase.  I gripped Poppy’s arm.  She whipped around just in time to see him pull a fiddle out of his briefcase!  He began to play vigorously, and the very sound of it made me want to swing my partner and do-si-do!  I saw that he had set up a sign beside where he was playing.  It read:


So that was what his briefcase insignia was—an actual treble clef, not the T.R.E.B.L.E. logo.  Just then, an elderly lady walked up and thrust some money into Poppy’s hands.

“I want to thank you all for recovering my necklace,” she smiled.  “Please, accept this.”

“We couldn’t!” Poppy exclaimed.  “But I know someone who could use it.” She nodded towards the fiddler.  The lady smiled and deposited it into his open briefcase.  He looked right in our direction and winked.  We blushed.

A van pulled up and our friends Ashlynn, Hunter, Dexter, Raven, Clawdeen, Frankie, Apple, Maddie, and Ginger hopped out, all bundled in winter clothing.

“How was your trip?” Frankie asked as she hugged me hello. “Any excitement?”

“You have no idea!” I grinned at Poppy.  “We should take train trips more often, don’t you think?”


Hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you have a perfectly lovely weekend! 😀 I’m going to be sewing one of my recent human-sized projects (a Batgirl costume), and later this afternoon my mum and I are going doll hunting! 🙂




4 thoughts on “The O’Hair Files~ A Short Story Part 2!

  1. I loved the O’Hair Files; the doll stories you write are fantastic! Your weekend plans sound super fun, I hope you have a great time… your costume sounds super impressive! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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