My Accurately Styled Ponies

As I’ve mentioned in some other posts, I’ve recently become My Little Pony obsessed.  I can’t help it!  I mean, they’re just SO adorable and hilarious in the show (which is on Netflix, BTW), and as I’ve also mentioned before, I am Pinkie Pie the majority of my day. (just ask my mom! 😛 )

I love that you can get most of the Mane 6 in these little plastic bags at Walmart for only $2.88, but after seeing their hair condition out of the bag and comparing it to the characters in the show, I wanted to make them more accurate.

I found these incredibly awesome MLP hair tutorials for all of the Mane 6 on Pinterest (you can see them on my MLP Hair Styling Pinterest board), so I started working away, and here are four of the Mane 6!

Pinkie Pie (I deviated from the tutorial a bit here, and went with a more traditional doll curling technique)


Rarity (I LOVE the way her curls came out!)

100_2555100_2558Fluttershy (*YAY* 😉 )


Aaaaand…..get ready to see something 20% cooler 😉 …….Rainbow Dash!


I’m still working on Applejack, and currently there is a shortage of brushable Twilights in this small size…the only version of her available has extra cutie marks painted on her face and legs, and I don’t really want that.  I guess maybe they want to make her more exclusive because she’s an alicorn now, but come on!  She’s she star of the show! Anyway, I heard that they’re releasing a new brushable figure of her this spring, so I’ll get my wish soon. 🙂

But while we’re on the subject of brushable ponies, anyone else wanna see the Cutie Mark Crusaders with their new cutie marks? 😀  I sure do!!!


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