Gingerbread Wars–A Valentine’s Day Competition!

(Warning: I wrote this post when I was very tired and in an extremely silly mood, so brace yourselves 😉 )

Ahem.  Is this thing on?  Oh, good.

It’s Dexter!  Here in Grace’s house, we love our gingerbread.  We love it super-spicy with loads of cinnamon and ginger.  We think it should be enjoyed on every holiday, not just Christmas.  Incidentally, Grace bought this mini gingerbread house kit on a Christmas clearance, and we decided to surprise her with a bunch of mini houses!

Buuuuut, because we watch way too much Food Network (Chopped and Cupcake Wars, specifically), there’s no way we could make desserts without making it like a TV show! 😉  So let’s get started!



Let’s meet out competitors! First, we have the two most chipper, hyper, and overall mad bakers ever…..Madeline Hatter and Pinkamena Diane Pie!


“Hiiiiii everyone I’m so excited and I can’t wait to get started and this is so cool!”  (That was Pinkie 😉 )

Next, we have the two sweetest vampire cousins you’ll ever meet, Draculaura and Elissabat!


“Hello!  It’s so wonderful to be here!”

And finally, we have two besties who are ready to turn this competition into a real page-ripper, Briar and Rochelle!


“We are SO excited.  I can’t wait to make a house that any gingerbread man would love!”

Here are the rules…you have 20 minutes to decorate your house, using any of the materials you can find in Grace’s kitchen.  We’ve already assembled the gingerbread bases, so the competitors only have to worry about the decorations.  While our contestants get started, let’s meet our judges!

First up, we have culinary expert and pastry chef Ginger Breadhouse!  What are you looking for in a house, Ginger?


“Well, I’m hoping for something truly whimsical…something that shows off the colors and fun of Valentine’s Day!”

Next, we have the Ruler of Arendelle, Queen Elsa!  How about you, Elsa?  What would your ideal house be?


“I’d love something regal and classy…something that exhibits the love and class of the occasion!”

And finally, the queen of Valentine’s Day herself, C.A. Cupid!  What are you hoping to see, Cupid?


“Well, I ‘d love to see a house that captures the true sprit of Valentine’s Day…the love, happiness, and friendship.”

Thanks, ladies! Okay, let’s see how our competitors are getting along!  The timer is ticking!

And here we go….5…4…3…2…1…please step away!

Maddie and Pinkie, you’re first!

“Well, we knew we wanted to use conversation hearts as the focus of our house, but we couldn’t really decide what color to use.  So we used them all!!!  We wanted to show that Valentine’s Day can be more than only pink and red.”


Draculaura and Elissabat, you’re next.

“We wanted to capture the romance and love of the occasion, so we did a lattice technique on the roof, and used a combination of conversation hearts and spice drops.”

CAM01134CAM01136CAM01138Finally, Briar and Rochelle!

“We were deciding what the best Valentine candy is, and the inevitable answer was CHOCOLATE!  So we decided to use M&Ms as the focus of our house.”


“Hey, guys?  These houses are all so amazing, maybe we should let the blog readers decide!”


After a quick conference with the judges, we’ve decided to leave it up to YOU, the blog readers!  Tell us in the comments which house was your favorite: Maddie and Pinkie’s, Draculaura and Elissabat’s, or Briar and Rochelle’s!



(And tell us if you like posts written when I’m really tired and crazy, because I basically turn into Pinkie Pie when I’m tired :P)

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