A Disney Doll Photoshoot

Hey, y’all!

I realized that I haven’t done anything on the blog with my four Disney girls!  I chose these four characters to own because I’ve made their costumes and/or worked as them for my birthday party business.  Doing Merida is the best, because I get to have a Scottish brogue all day and call girls “lassies”. 😛  And in my mind, Anna and Rapunzel should be BFFs. 😉

I can’t tell you how much I love Disney Store dolls.  The articulation is awesome, the outfits are great, and the faces.  The. Faces. I think Anna has my favorite doll face EVER. They capture the magic of the movie characters so well, and the molds are all different!  I love the little details, like the gentle blushing on Merida’s jug ears.  They’re just GORGEOUS!  Besides the ones I have, I’d say my other fave is Snow White.  

It’s a rainy day, so I figured photography was the best activity! 😉 I put together some Barbie clothes to create these outfits…I hope you like them!  🙂100_2438100_2439100_2450100_2452100_2453100_2444100_2445100_2447100_2442100_2460





7 thoughts on “A Disney Doll Photoshoot

  1. Looks fantastic! I love the outfits you put together! I really love Disney Store dolls too, they do a great job making them look like the character. (Rapunzel is my favorite…and I love the dress your Rapunzel is wearing!) 😀

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