Disney Descendants Genie Chic Evie Doll Review

Squee!  I’m so excited to review the gorgeous new Disney Descendants Genie Chic Evie Doll!  While the Descendants dolls have caught my eye for a while now because of their awesome outfits and articulation, I held off…and honestly, I’m glad I did, because I love these even better than the original ones! 😀 I just found the newest line, Genie Chic, in Target today, and I’d buy them all if I could…they’re so beautiful.  Along with Evie, we also get Mal, Audrey, and a new character, Jordan (the daughter of the genie).

Frankly, I’m obsessed with genies.  I’ve watched I Dream of Jeannie my whole life, and while the traditional bare midriff look is not my fave, I do love the chiffon, harem pants, and gold jewelry.  Maybe that’s why I love characters like Monster High’s Gigi Grant so much! 😛

Anyway, when I heard that Descendants was doing a genie-themed line, I was no less than thrilled.  (Squealing may or may not have occurred 😉 )

Here’s a peek at Evie in her box…with a good dose of glare!  😉  Don’t worry, we’ll get rid of that in a moment.


Here’s the Genie Chic logo in the corner…I do love the color scheme on these boxes.


Here is the back of the box…with a cartoon picture of Evie in her genie attire.  I really like the webisode animation, but I do believe that this is slightly different from the webisodes.  Still, I like this a lot.  I certainly prefer it to the unflattering pictures that they used on the original dolls’ boxes.


Now, let’s get rid of that plastic!

Here is Evie with all of the glare-y plastic removed.  She looks promising!


At this point, I realized that what I thought was just her crown logo in the corner is actually a sticker!  Cool!  I’m going to stick it on my Mac, on top of the apple. 🙂


However, look at this.  Just look at it.  They felt the need to coat the plastic tabs on the back in wax.  😦 Luckily, though, she wasn’t as hard to debox as she looks.  It only took me about 5 minutes.


Here’s Evie straight out of the box, and looking fabulous! 😛


Let’s start at the top.  Evie has beautiful makeup with a slight sparkle in her light pink eye shadow.  She also has her usual blue eyebrows (which I LOVE!), brown eyes, and light pink, shimmery  lipstick.


Evie has her signature black and blue hair, but having never owned an Evie before, I was thrilled with the amazing dimension of the streaks and the awesome colors!  She has two pieces pulled from the sides of her face, and fastened in the back.  She also has her usual twisted widow’s peak, which is darling.  I had heard that sometimes Descendants hair can be pretty awful straight out of the box, but I think this Evie is an exception! 🙂  Her hair, while a bit flat on the back, was awesome, with a slight curl to it.


She is wearing a beautiful ornamental gold tiara, with a ruby detail.  I really, really love the way that this looks, but it is attached at the sides with plastic tabs (of doom), and I don’t know if it could stay in if you cut these.


She also wears these very cool crown earrings, with her signature crack.  They have awesome detail!


Evie also has a layered gold and red necklace, which I think looks very nice with the tiara.


Now, down to her outfit!  Evie wears a deep blue t-shirt with a gold crown decal, with the same crack…I appreciate the continuation with that detail.


She also has a red and blue tasseled belt, which I love!  Very genie-ish.  Gigi would approve. 😉

“I’m Gigi Grant and I approve this doll line.” 😉

(Here is the shirt without the belt)


Over the shirt is a blue chiffon, organza type skirt with a lovely high-low shape and beautiful gold glitter detailing (only on the front).


I really love the design of this, but my one complaint is that the overskirt is attached to the t-shirt in the back, which means that Evie can’t remove her overskirt and just be wearing her top and leggings.  Only a few stitches are preventing this–so I may try to fix this eventually.  Update coming soon! 😉


The shirt also has a little cape-ish piece on the back.  I almost wish it were longer, and more dramatic, but I can see how that might be hard to manage for some kids.


Under her skirt are these cool, well-made black leggings.  I can see myself using these in a lot of outfits. 🙂


They also have a nice, pointed shape at the bottom.


Her shoes are pretty AMAZING!  They have the traditional curl-toed genie look (which I LOVE), but with these amazing crowns!  They also have stud detail and little crackles on the sides.  Best crown shoes ever! 😀



Finally, my FAVORITE part, which is mainly why I bought this doll, her jewelry!! 😛  If you know me, you know I love me some good bling, and Evie seems to agree. 😉

On her right hand is a painted black glove, with great molded stitches.  Over it, though, it this amazing cuff, stacked bracelet piece, which I think is awesome!  By the way, I really  like the Descendants hand mold…it’s quite elegant.


On her left hand is the thing that enticed me to get Evie instead of any of the other dolls in this line, because none of them have this.  This. Ring. Is. Amazing.  It’s so big, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! 😛 It attaches through a hole in her hand, by the way, as opposed to the Ever After High way.  Sorry for the enthusiasm overload, I just really love giant rings.  A lot. 😛


Also, while you probably know this already if you’re familiar with the Descendants dolls, they have eleven points of articulation, and the joints work quite well.  I would say that you get the amount of mobility that you do with an Ever After High or Monster High doll, but sized up to an (approximately) Barbie-sized body.  I do like that the feet are a more realistic size than Barbie, though…they’re in the same range as a MH or EAH doll.

Now that I’ve ended my ring and articulation tangent 😉 , let me know in the comments below if you will be getting this version of Evie, or any of the other Genie Chic girls!  I’ll definitely be posting some glamour shots of her over the next few days…she’s really photogenic!  🙂  And as an aside, I really like that in the movie, she discovers that she can be both brainy and pretty. 🙂

“More than what’s in the mirror” indeed.



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