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Season 4 Shopkins Opening! Ft. Maddie and Holly

Hey, everyone! 😀

While visiting my grandmother’s house (aka the Spring Hill Spa and Resort 😉 ) this week, I found a ton of Season 4 Shopkins at Walmart!  I couldn’t resist getting a blind basket for the girls to open here on the blog.  Take it away, Maddie and Holly! 🙂

Maddie: Hello, all you people out there!!!

Holly: Hi! 🙂 Today we have something very cool to open: a Season 4 blind basket!


Maddie: Here it is with the shrink wrap off –I love the colorful cardboard for this season!

Holly: We also really like that they decided to do a different style of container for this season–it looks like a milk crate, like what you’d really find in the grocery store!


Maddie: Grace said that in the store they also had these in pale pink and hot pink, but she chose white.

Holly: Something else we noticed is that the Shopkins themselves are in clear baggies, instead of blue or yellow.  We still love them, but I think that the non-see-through ones were more surprise-y.


Holly: Let’s each take one–oooooh I hope we get one of the new Petkins!

Maddie: Aaaaaand drumroll please…….I got Mintee!  She’s so cute! I love that she has little scissors in one hand!100_2255


Holly: I got……..Wooly Hat!  Oh, I love her, and her pom pom is so cute!  I also like how carefully the snowflake is painted on.100_2260100_2262


Maddie: In short, we LOVE these Season 4 Shopkins!  They’re so cute, and we love the new basket style and characters.  the Petkins look pretty cute, too!

Holly: By the way, Grace also found that they have ADORABLE Shopkins happy meal toys at McDonalds!  But because you may not want to eat at McDonald’s enough to complete your collection 😉 , at some stores, they’ll sell you just the toy for  80 cents, and it’s a great deal!  You get two giant Shopkins and a shopping bag or basket!


(Here’s a regular Shopkin for scale)


Thanks so much for reading, and we hope you have as much fun as we’re having with our Season 4 Shopkins!  😀



❤ Grace, Maddie, and Holly ❤

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