Our Christmas Tree Adventure

Hi, everyone!

Holly O’Hair here! 😀  We’re still really busy getting ready for the show, but Grace’s family hasn’t decorated their tree (they wait to do that until her whole family is here), so last night we sneaked out in our Christmas outfits (a lot of us are wearing our Rockette outfits) and posed on the tree!  😛 It was so much fun!

Here are some of our favorite pictures!

100_1888.JPG100_1889 copy.JPG100_1889.JPG


Don’t worry; I’ll hopefully be able to blog a few more times before the show, but it’s been SO busy!  Hopefully everything will calm down a bit as we get closer.


Holly O’Hair

2 thoughts on “Our Christmas Tree Adventure

  1. To quote Buddy the elf, “You are very good at decorating that tree!” I understand about getting busy…I can’t believe Christmas is on Friday! Your outfits look fabulous; I’m really excited to hear how the show goes. 🙂


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