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Christmas Show Preparations and a Surprise~part 2

(look here for part one)

I couldn’t believe my eyes!




You see, Alistair sort of keeps to himself.  Don’t get me wrong–he’s really nice, and fun to be with, but unlike the other guys here, Alistair doesn’t have a girlfriend.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but he does seem sort of lonely sometimes.  Maybe it’s because Grace doesn’t have Bunny Blanc.  I found myself wishing with all of my heart that Grace would receive her for Christmas.  When Alistair sang “All I Want for Christmas is You”, he sang it sincerely, as though he really felt it.  I wanted to cry in that moment, but there wasn’t time.

Anyway, Alistair rounded the corner, holding a pretzel.  I couldn’t contain myself.

“ALISTAIR?!!  That was AMAZING!!!”

“Uh, thanks,” he smiled sheepishly with a mouthful of pretzel.  “You mean, you heard that?”

“Heard it??!!!” I exclaimed.

“Terrible, right?” he blushed.

“Terrible???!!! It was INCREDIBLE!!!” I proclaimed.  “You could pass for Michael Bublé any day!”

His cheeks turned red.  “I–I’m not that good.”

“I think you are!”  I stated.  “And it gives me an idea!  Come here!”

I led him to Grace’s computer in the studio.  I pulled up a video on YouTube, and showed it to him.


“Do you want to do this with me for the show?”  I asked.  “Operetta, Blondie, and I have been thinking about it.”



He thought for what seemed like a long time.

“Well………..Okay!!!”  He grinned.

I smiled back at him.

You’ll have to tune in to our show on Christmas Eve night to see what we’re planning! 🙂


Holly O’Hair

3 thoughts on “Christmas Show Preparations and a Surprise~part 2

  1. Oh, I will definitely be tuning into your show! How many days until Christmas? 🙂 I’m really curious to see what you and Alistair are doing, Holly! It would be great if Grace got Bunny Blanc for Christmas…but who knows, perhaps Alistair will find someone else. 😉

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