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Disney Store 2015 Classic Merida Doll Review

Greetings!!! 😀

Today I’m reviewing one of my birthday gifts…the Disney Store 2015 Classic Merida! 😛


Let’s get started with her box (which is empty because I couldn’t wait to release her from her plastic prison) ;). The deboxing process was very, very similar to that of my Disney Store Elsa.


I like this picture on the back a lot, but I think I’d prefer a shot from the movie (but that’s just my preference).  It’s really pretty with the castle in the background, though!



Here’s our girl, released from her box!


To start, let’s talk about hair.  Her hair had a little bit of a bald spot when I first took her out of the box, but with a bit of fluffing, it’s gone away.  Her hair looks fantastic in the front, though I do sort of wish that it didn’t have these fluffy bits in the back.  But I don’t mind too much; her hair is supposed to be wild, after all! 😉


I love her face, almost as much as I love the DS classic Anna face.  This is just SUCH. A. CUTE. FACE!!! 😀 She looks so spunky, and I love her ears!




Moving down, her dress is a really good replica from the movie, with this celtic trim that I love so much added to the bottom.



The top and trim on the sleeves is awesome, and the satin itself is so soft that I want to make a blanket out of it and go take a nap!  Can you tell I’m in a crazy, Maddie Hatter-type mode right now? 😉

The only difference that I see at all between this dress and the movie dress is that this one doesn’t have the tan poufs at the shoulders.  Honestly, though, I’m glad that they didn’t put those there, because it probably would have looked too bulky.

She has the rubber click knees that all of the princesses have this year, and while I’d prefer something hard plastic with an actual joint, it’s certainly better than the bowed plastic legs of years past. 🙂

Merida wears these cute little brown flats.


And that’s about it!  I absolutely ADORE this doll.  ADORE her, I say! 😀 (sorry, still in Maddie mode 😉 )

Here she is with her new friends! 😀


Side note: I made my Disney Store Elsa a new pair of shoes by painting some Barbie shoes with pearlescent paint, because her blue flats weren’t working for me. They’re a bit large, but they work great.  😀 And I found this Barbie skater dress that I couldn’t resist for her!  I like to give my Disney Princess dolls a casual version of their signature look, like I made for Anna.  This is perfect! 🙂 Hopefully Merida will a casual outfit soon. 🙂


Other side note: Sorry for the drought of Christmas posts!  The reason is that I’m saving them all for closer to Christmas. 🙂

Other, other side note 😉 : Congrats to Donna Reed for winning the Ever After High Christmas Outfit Giveaway! 😀




3 thoughts on “Disney Store 2015 Classic Merida Doll Review

  1. Happy belated birthday!! 🎂🍰😄 And fantastic review as always. I have an older version of the DS Merida, with the jointed legs (that make her sit strangely), but I really like the face of this new edition. And I really love how you do the more casual version of the Disney Princess dresses; you still get the signature look, but they are probably much more comfortable! 😀


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