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Happy Thanksgiving from Doll Dimensions!

Hey, everyone!  Happy Thanksgiving!

At the time that I am publishing this, you’re probably either entering a food coma following Thanksgiving dinner, or camping out for Black Friday. 😉

My college classes are starting to die down for the holidays, so the good news is that I’ll be able to post more often! 😀

I thought it would be fun to let the dolls tell you about their Thanksgiving. Take it away, Ginger! 🙂

Hello, Doll Dimensions readers!  Ginger here. 🙂 Grace decided to let me write this post, since Thanksgiving is kind of my FAVORITE holiday! 😀 I know that Thanksgiving cooking stresses a lot of people out, but I love all of the cooking and sampling and decorations, and, well, everything!

Plus, Grace made me this ADORABLE apron! Tutorial to come soon. 😉


I was mixing up some pumpkin pie filling while Hunter, Dexter, and Alistair were setting up some long boxes and tablecloths to make a huge table, big enough for everyone to sit at.

We all had fun watching the beginning of the parade.


I heard an announcer say that the Rockettes were about to go on.  I drew a quick breath.  I’d never actually seen them, but I had heard that they were amazing.  I couldn’t wait!  My breath caught again as the beautiful, costumed girls danced onto the green floor.


CAM00865We all watched, mesmerized by their movement.  When it was over, no one spoke for a few minutes.

“Do you think–I mean, could we–do that?” came Elissabat’s soft voice.  Our eyes all lit up.

“I could make costumes!” Clawdeen exclaimed in her thick New York accent.

“I could do choreography!” Holly offered.

“Well,” I said slowly. “It’s a whole month before Christmas.  “I bet we could get all of the preparations together before then.”

“Let’s do it!” we all said.


We spent the rest of the morning watching the parade, oohing and ahing at the giant parade balloons (remember, they seem even bigger to us!).  Pretty soon, the parade was over and we watched the dog show, laughing and talking about all of the breeds.

CAM00873After Thanksgiving dinner, we played a really fun game: Apples to Apples!  Sure, the cards are a bit large, but it’s such fun!

Pretty soon I was rolling on the floor, laughing at the cards Dexter played.  All too soon, we dropped off to sleep.  But, lucky for us, this is only the beginning of the holiday season, and we all have some pretty big ideas about the celebrations to come! 😀


Ginger Breadhouse



3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from Doll Dimensions!

  1. Your apron is *adorable*, Ginger! It goes perfectly with your hair! Good luck with the preparations for your own performance. I’m sure you can get everything finished in time, you’re starting early enough! Please wish Grace and the rest of her dolls a happy (belated) Thanksgiving from me. 🙂


    1. Thank you so so much! 😀 I will! Now all of the other girls here want aprons, too. I think Grace will have to post a tutorial soon! 😀


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