Did you play the Mission: Impossible song in your head when you read that??  Because you should have. 😉 A few weeks ago, I found an ad for some good-condition Monster High dolls that were only $5 each.  I couldn’t tell from the pictures if they had all of their accessories, but since I was going to be in that area in a week or two anyway, I decided to go for it!  Some of the girls stowed away in my suitcase, wearing some spy-inspired outfits that Clawdeen put together for them. 🙂  They also wanted to have a spontaneous spy photo shoot at my grandmother’s house (some readers will remember it as the Spring Hill Spa and Resort 😉 )…so without further ado, meet the specially trained secret team that went on a rescue mission to save some dolls!

But first…an ultra-cool shadow shot:





Holly!CAM00756 (1)






And Ashlynn!




What? Spies like selfies, too. 😉

In order to use their time wisely, the team split up: Frankie, Ashlynn, and Holly went to make the exchange (aka buy the dolls 😉 ), while Clawdeen, Poppy, and Ginger got to work setting up some spa treatments for the new girls.

Here are our intrepid agents on their way!


As I said earlier, I wasn’t sure if the dolls would have all of their parts, so I didn’t think I’d buy more than a few, but when I got there the lady showed me that she had ALL of the accessories in tiny baggies…so I caved. 🙂 For $5, why not? Besides, she ended giving me one for free after hearing about my blog. 🙂

Here the new girls post-rescue!


In all, we rescued Ghoul’s Night Out Ghoulia, Ghoul’s Night Out Rochelle, Ghoul’s Night Out Venus, Dance Class Operetta, Dance Class Lagoona, and Freaky Field Trip Gigi!

Very unlike my last doll restoration project, these girls had absolutely no bad smells–it was great! 😀 A few of them didn’t even need any hair work at all.  Regardless, our secret agents were eager to help get the new dolls looking and feeling their best for some photo shoots. 🙂


The only girl that really needed help was Ghoulia, and from pictures I’ve seen on reviews, all of the GNO Ghoulias were this way, even fresh out of the box.  You can see in the above pictures that her hair was basically a huge poof of frizziness…but miracle of miracles, her hair melded into gorgeous, silky layers after a quick boil wash!  I ended up giving all of the girls but Venus a boil wash.  I didn’t do Venus because 1) her hair already looked really good, and 2) her flocked hair CANNOT get near water, or terrible things happen.  My grandmother’s house–ah, I mean, the Spring Hill Resort and Spa ;)–has some pretty scenic places, so I decided to go on some mini photo-shoot adventures with my newest models! 😀  I still need to find the perfect place to take photos of Venus, and I want to get some better shots of Gigi, but I love the ones I did get. 😀



100_1658 100_1659 100_1660 100_1661


100_1671 100_1675







100_1652 100_1653

100_1654 100_1655

I hope you enjoyed this spy themed post…and let me know in the comments if you approve of Clawdeen’s spy outfits! 😉

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P.S. And if you feel the urge to hear it now, here you go. 😛


    1. Thanks so so so so much!!! 😀 It’s actually pretty funny, because for years my family has called my grandma’s house “The Spa”. I think it’s a combination of how her decor is all white and beige, and that her house always smells like fabric softener. 😛 I just had the idea a while back that, oh hey, it could be the dolls’ spa, too. 🙂

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