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A Shopkins Opening Party!

Hey, everyone!!!! Today, I’m going to turn it over to the dolls, who are going to have a Shopkins Opening Party!  Over to you, girls!

Raven: Hey, Doll Dimensions followers!  Recently, Grace had a gift card to a toy store that was about to expire, so she decided to spend it on Shopkins…a 12 pack, in fact!


Barbie: We decided to make a party out of it and open the Shopkins right here on the blog!

Dexter: Have no fear….help has arrived!!!!!


Ginger: What are you doing??? You could hurt the Shopkins inside!


Hunter: Sorry, we jut wanted to help.

Raven: Well, you can help, just be careful.


Raven: Here are the Shopkins out of their packaging!


Clawdeen: This 12-pack comes with 10 visible Shopkins, 2 surprise Shopkins, 4 shopping bags, 1 shopping basket, and a collector’s list.


Ginger: Let’s get started with our first Shopkin: Lana Banana Bread!


Lana is common, and she’s in the Bakery Section.  I love how she’s holding a banana in one hand and a peel in the other!  I also love that her tongue is sticking out! 😛

Clawdeen: Here’s our next Shopkin: Hattie Hat!  Hattie is a common Shopkin from the Hat section.  I love that she’s textured like a real hat.


Clawdeen: What do you think?? The next big style in Haunt Couture? 😉


Raven: Our next Shopkin is my personal favorite from this season: Kelly Calculator!  Kelly is a Special Edition Shopkin from the Stationary Section.  She’s also a Polished Pearl Shopkin, so she’s shiny! 😀 I adore how detailed she is, like how the buttons are labeled like on a real calculator!


Barbie: Our next Shopkin is Ginger Fred!  Ginger Fred is common, and from the Sweet Treats Section. I love her face, and how the roof is ridged like a real gingerbread house.  I also love all of the candy decorations!


Raven: Dex, you wanna open one?

Dexter: Okay….they are pretty cute.  This is Flappy Cap, and he’s a common Shopkin from the Hats Section.


Ginger: This is one of my absolute favorites!  Chatter is a rare Shopkin from the Homewares Section.  I absolutely adore her!!!  Her face is really cute!


Barbie: Next, we have Fiona Fries!  I love her expression and her painted details.  She is common, and from the International Foods Section.

100_1594 100_1596

Hunter: Next we have Snug Ugg, a common Shopkin from the Shoes Section.


Raven: Next up is Sweet Pea!  Sweet Pea is common, and from the Fruits and Vegetables Section.  I absolutely love the three faces on her!


Clawdeen: Next is one of my favorites, Jennifer Rayne!  Jennifer is rare, from the Shoes Section.  We love the umbrella detailing on the side.


Ginger: This pack also comes with four of these adorable shopping bags that are perfectly proportioned for 12″ fashion dolls like us….


Dexter: ….And a shopping basket with two surprise Shopkins!


Clawdeen: Here are the two surprise baggies!


Ginger: Oh my goodness!!!!  I got Croissant d’Or, an Ultra-Rare International Foods Shopkin!  He’s one of the “Chocolate Frosted” ones!


Clawdeen: And I got Wendy Wedding Cake, a rare Shopkin from the Bakery Section!


Here are some more group photos of us with our new Shopkins!

100_1622 100_1623 100_1624 100_1625 100_1626 100_1629 100_1631

Ginger: I think it’s pretty safe to say that we all LOVE Shopkins!  They are a great value, and they’re all super detailed and adorable!  Grace also wanted to add that since some of the  Shopkins have holes in their bottoms, they’re easy to pose in dolls’ hands.100_1635

See you next time,

The Gang at Doll Dimensions

3 thoughts on “A Shopkins Opening Party!

  1. You dolls are really making me want to buy some Shopkins! 😀 Great review! I love the group pictures at the end. 🙂 I think the calculator is my favorite too, Raven – either that or the peas. It’s so hard to choose!

    Liked by 1 person

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