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A Post by Anna: My Very Yarny Day!

Hey, everyone!!  I hope you had a lovely, restful Sunday.  Oh, by the way, if you can’t tell from the title, this isn’t Grace…it’s Anna! 🙂  As you’ll read below, Grace was so tired today that I asked her if I could blog for her, and she agreed. 😀

Grace had a huge event yesterday and came home absolutely exhausted.  I’m so glad that she and her parents were able to take a nap today.  While they did, Barbie and Ken decided to go on a date in Grace’s brother’s room (it’s the quietest place in the whole house).  They asked me to babysit Kelly, and I happily agreed…Kelly’s a sweetheart.  Ginger and I decided to take Kelly on a ride in the community VW Beetle (it was originally a Barbie car).  We call it the “community car” because any of us can use it anytime, and yes, it is a tad bit disproportionate. 😉


We drove through the hallway and into Grace’s room, where we spotted something in a pile on the bed.  We enlisted the help of Grace’s Disney Princess jewelry box to climb up.



“I know what this is!” Ginger gasped.  “It’s yarn–like what Grace uses to knit and crochet!”


“Well, Grace is always telling us that we can use her craft supplies whenever we want–and this is already in skeins just our size…” I speculated.  We decided to load it into the trunk and take it back to the studio.


When we got back, we found Robecca and Mariposa playing with two of the other Kelly dolls, Shelly and Tiffany.  (Remind me to write up a post sometime about all of Grace’s Kelly dolls 🙂 )


“Guess what we found, guys!!” I exclaimed.  They examined it, and Mariposa’s eyes lit up.

“Let’s crochet with it!!!” she suggested.

“But–we don’t have any crochet hooks our size,” Ginger said sadly.

“I can fix that,” Robecca grinned.  She blasted off on her rocket boots.

“Hmmm…I always hear Grace talking about how awesome the tutorials by are,” I thought out loud.  Grace always lets us use her laptop, as long as we’re careful about the sites we go to.  We went to VeryPink’s website and navigated to the Crochet for Knitters page.


Just then, Robecca rocketed back over with a handful of crochet hooks.

“Look what I just made with my welding tools!” she exclaimed.  That’s Robecca for you–she takes action quickly. 🙂


We each chose a yarn color and sat down to learn the chain stitch.

100_1548 100_1551

A half hour later, here’s my first swatch!!! 😀


After we had mastered the basics, we wanted to make something else.  I remembered that Cogaroo Crafts has a ton of easy, free, awesome patterns for fashion dolls like us! 🙂

I got really excited when I saw this pattern


…But I realized I didn’t have all of the right yarn colors.

We thought this dress was gorgeous, and that a sweater top would be fun, but then we remembered that we’re not all the same size. 🙂

100_1556 100_1557

Finally, we decided on a fun but simple market bag. 😀


Here’s mine!! 😀

100_1562 100_1561

Robecca and Ginger both embarked on bigger projects, too, but they’re going to take a while. 🙂 Here’s a sneak peek at Robecca’s! 🙂


I hope that you all enjoyed hearing about my day! 😀 Let me know in the comments if you think Grace should let me take over more often, and if you’d like to see more crafting done by us dolls. 🙂

Thanks for reading, and if you haven’t already, please click the button to the right of the words “Doll Dimensions” at  the top of this page, and click “Follow”! 🙂 It would mean so much to me! 😀

(Warm) Hugs <3,


7 thoughts on “A Post by Anna: My Very Yarny Day!

  1. I loved hearing about your day, Anna! I’d love to see more of your crafting adventures in the future (although please tell Grace I hope she feels more rested soon!) I’m honored that you used one of my patterns – your market bag turned out wonderfully! The color goes really well with your belt. 🙂 By the way, that yarn is adorably tiny (at least to me, a human) – do you know what brand it is?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m so glad you enjoyed my post! 😀 I asked Grace and she said that the yarn is Lion Brand Bon Bons. They’re perfect for us dolls! 🙂 I also asked Grace about the car, and she said that she got it at a yard sale years ago. I loved making the market bag–and I’m still set on making that coronation dress!!! 😉

        ~ ❤ Anna

        Liked by 1 person

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