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Ever After Heroes: Hawkgirl!

Continuing our series of Ever After Heroes, today our featured heroine is none other than Hawkgirl!


Hawkgirl is pretty under appreciated, so I’ll explain.  The version of Hawkgirl that I based this costume off of is from the Justice League cartoon, where she was one of the founding members.  The wings were a challenge, and I’m not entirely happy with them, so I’ll probably remake them at some point.

Here’s the info list for the different parts of her outfit:

  • Top: basic tube top, similar to the one in My Froggy Stuff’s superhero tutorial, with a strip of red satin sewn on.  Made from gold performance fabric and red satin.
  • Pants: made from My Froggy Stuff’s yoga pants tutorial (minus the waistband), made from green synthetic fabric I had lying around.
  • Wings: made from craft from with feathers hot glued on
  • Shoes: from Ghoul Fair Elissabat
  • Earrings: from Casta Fierce
  • Bracelet: from I ❤ Fashion Webarella, repainted silver
  • Mace: made by dotting hot glue on a round bead, with a small rod added and painted silver.

Here are some more pics of Hawkgirl!

100_1493 100_1492 100_1491 100_1489



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