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Doll Talk! Shopkins Edition ft. Anna and Raven

Hey, y’all!

Anna and Raven here!  Grace told us we could do a post of our own today, so we decided to do a toy review!  Grace bought us a two-pack of Shopkins, which we’ve never had before, so this is all quite new to us.

We’ve decided to call this new type of post…..Doll Talk!


ANNA: Here is the Shopkins box!!  I hope we get the little piece of toast on the front.


RAVEN: Time to break out the scissors!


ANNA: Oooooooh!!!! I see something!!


ANNA: One for each of us!


RAVEN: I see something!!!



RAVEN: I got a raspberry…His face is adorable!!!!


ANNA: I got a tomato!!!


RAVEN: Let’s consult the shopping list that came in the basket.


RAVEN: It looks like yours is Cherie Tomato, and mine is Asbury Raspberry!  Asbury is common and Cherie is rare.


ANNA: Squeeeeeee!!!  All the names are so cute.

RAVEN: Here’s the Doll Talk verdict: we LOVE Shopkins!  It’s our opinion that you get a lot for your money with these little baskets.  Not only do you get a super cute shopping basket to pose your dolls with, you also get TWO adorable Shopkins, plus a collector’s list to check who you got and who you hope to get next!

ANNA: Here are some more photos of us with our new Shopkins!

100_1513 100_1514 100_1515 100_1517 100_1519 100_1521


Bye, everyone!!!!  See you next time on Doll Talk!


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