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Ever After Heroes: Supergirl!

Continuing my series of Ever After Heroes….

Today we have a character that I thought Blondie was PERFECT for…Supergirl!!


I had a lot of fun making this outfit, because Supergirl, like Batgirl, has several different looks to choose from.  There are some versions where her top is white, and she wears cute white gloves, but there are other versions where her color scheme is more similar to Superman himself.  I chose to go with that—and I love the result! 🙂 By the way, I really need to get a saddle stand…Blondie’s shirt kept rumpling up because of the stand clip.

Here’s the info list for the different parts of her outfit:

  • Shirt: made from my long sleeved shirt tutorial
  • Skirt: made from My Froggy Stuff’s Sailor Mercury tutorial
  • Boots: made from My Froggy Stuff’s superhero tutorial
  • Bracelet: Signature Holly O’Hair
  • Earrings: Signature Blondie Lockes’
  • Cape: made from a piece of hemmed and pleated red satin that I stitched to her shirt

Here are some more pics of this dynamite Kryptonian!

100_1466 100_1465 100_1464 100_1462



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