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Ever After Heroes: Batgirl!

Hey, everyone!

I had so much fun creating Wonder Woman Cerise that I decided to make more Ever After High super heroines!  I dub them………Ever After Heroes!!! 🙂

I’ll be highlighting each of them over the next week or so, starting with Batgirl! 😀


I love Batgirl (AKA Barbara Gordon).  She’s actually one of my favorite superheros ever, mainly because of her red hair, and because I love her in the 60’s Batman show.  In that show, she works as a librarian when she’s not fighting crime, which makes me love her even more.  There are several different versions of her outfit, and I really want to do the purple/yellow version someday, but I did the black/yellow version because I happened to have a ton of two-way stretch black fabric.  Also, I know that Batgirl wears a mask, but I wanted to make it obvious that this is an EAH/DC mashup, so I decided to leave her face as-is, without a mask, to make her more recognizable as Holly O’Hair.  🙂

Here’s the info list for the different outfit parts:

  • Shirt: made from my Doll Shirt Tutorial, using two-way stretch black fabric.
  • Pants: made from My Froggy Stuff’s yoga pants tutorial (I made these without a waistband, though), using the same two-way stretch black fabric as the shirt.
  • Cape: made from a piece of black satin cut into a rounded shape with points on the edge.
  • Boots: from Freaky Fusion-Inspired Ghouls Frankie Stein (repainted black).
  • Bracelet: from the I ❤ Fashion Webarella doll.
  • Gloves: I switched out Holly’s hands with black hands also from I ❤ Fashion Webarella.

Here are more pics of Batgirl! 🙂

100_1461 100_1459 100_1457 100_1458

By the way, have you ever seen the 60’s Batgirl theme song?  It’s completely and utterly awesomely cheesy. 😀



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