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Doll Gathered Skirt Tutorial (as seen on Ginger Ella) + Holly O’Hair’s New Irish-Inspired Outfit!

As promised, here’s the tutorial on how to make the gathered skirt like the one on Ginger Ella! 🙂  I’ll be showing you how to make it using different fabrics, and I’ll show you at the end what I made using my demonstration skirt!

Note: I demonstrate this skirt on a sewing machine, but it can be done by hand (I did Ginger’s by hand).

For this skirt, you’ll need a piece of fabric (it doesn’t have to be stretch).  The basic formula here is to multiply the length that you want to skirt to be by 2.5, and your doll’s waist measurement (the widest part) by 3–and remember that it’s always better to cut your fabric larger than you need it than smaller.  (For this particular skirt to hit at about the knee, I cut it about 12 by 6 inches, but I made Ginger’s much longer, of course.  Just follow the basic formula for the length that you want.)


First, stitch about a 1/2 inch hem on the top and bottom.


Now, you need to divide the fabric into sections.  How many sections will depend on how many gathered panels you’d like in your finished skirt.  I like to do about 7.  For this skirt, I measured, found the middle, and traced a line down it (on the wrong side of the fabric).  Then I did the same for both small panels, and repeated it again.  Finally, I measured 2 1/2 inches from the top, and drew a horizontal line across.100_1367

Now, set your sewing machine to one of the widest stitch settings, and start sewing–WITHOUT BACK-STITCHING–starting from the horizontal line, and sewing to the bottom on each section.

Make sure to leave long tails when you sew.


When you’ve sewed down every line, it should look like this–with lots of hanging threads! 🙂


Now, starting on the RIGHT side, pick up the thread at the top, and begin gently pulling to gather the fabric.  Do this for each line.  Here it is with one section gathered:


And three sections gathered:


And all of the sections:


This next part can be done a different way, if you like, but here is the way that I do it.

Thread the top string on the right side into a needle, and poke the needle straight through the middle of your gathered section.


Now, take the other wrong side top thread, and thread it through the gathers so that it is right next to the first top thread.  I also like to take a few extra whip stitches through the gathers, to prevent them from sagging later.  Now double-knot it a couple of times, and trim the threads.



Now, thread both bottom threads onto your needle, and poke it up through the gathers.  Double knot the ends a few times, and you’re done!  Repeat this on all of the sections.


Now, thread some 1/8 inch elastic onto a small safety pin and thread it through the top hem.


I like to pin both ends together in order to arrange the gathers properly.100_1385

Now, hold it up to your doll, and tighten it to fit her waist.

Pin it, and sew, making sure to stitch through the elastic.

100_1387 100_1389 100_1390

Now, optionally zig-zag or serge the edge.

100_1392 100_1394

And you’re all done! 🙂  I turned this demonstration skirt into an Irish-inspired outfit for Holly! 🙂 I love her usual pink color scheme, but I’ve been dying to get this girl into some green! 😀

Here’s a link to the tutorial for Holly’s ring…

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100_1405 100_1406 100_1407 100_1408

And of course, Holly had to take a selfie.100_1412

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