Doll Pencil Skirt Sewing Tutorial

Hey, everyone!!

Today, I’m happy to present another sewing tutorial for you and your dolls!  Pencil skirts are a great, basic staple for your doll’s wardrobe, and are SO quick to whip up.


First, you’ll need a rectangle of t-shirt knit that is wide enough to wrap around your doll’s waist (with some excess), and that a little bit longer than you want the finished skirt to be.


Now, sew about a 1/4 seam across the top of the fabric, using doubled thread. (I’ve done it here in a contrasting color thread so that you can see it better, but you should use a color that matches your fabric.)


Next, thread some 1/8 inch elastic (or something similar) onto a safety pin, and thread is through the pocket that you just sewed.  I redid my seam in black thread before this step.  Be sure to hang on tight to both ends once you get them through!

100_2683 100_2685

Finally, we’re going to stitch it into a tube.  Thread up your needle with doubled thread (once again, I’m doing it in a contrasting color), and fold your piece of fabric in half, with the WRONG side facing out.

Now, stitch a curved line down the fabric.  I like to take a few extra stitches through both pieces of elastic at the top before continuing.


Next, trim off the excess, flip it inside out, and try it on your doll!

Note: you may want to sew a hem on the bottom before inserting the elastic.  I just chose not to here because I was in a hurry, and because I was using t-shirt knit fabric which doesn’t fray.


Have fun making skirts for your dolls!! 🙂



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