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Doll Basic Shirt Tutorial + Geeky Variations!

Hey, y’all!!!

Today I bring you a tutorial that has a slightly boring name, but extremely cool results!

We’re going to be learning how to create a basic short or long sleeved shirt….and I’ll show you some of my experiments using iron-on transfers to jazz up the shirts!


NOTE: I do NOT own any of these logos shown on the shirts.  These shirts are purely fan art, and NOT a claim of ownership of any kind.  They were found here and here.

For more pictures, you can scroll down to the bottom. 🙂

The very first step is to remove the hands from your doll, if you are using a Monster High or Ever After High Doll.  Don’t worry–it doesn’t hurt the doll, just be careful not to lose them!! 😉


Next, we’re going to cut a piece of t-shirt knit fabric that is, when folded in half, the right length and width for your doll, as shown in these photos.



Next, fold it in half twice (as if you’re making a paper snowflake), and snip out the corner.

100_2650 100_2651

Now, unfold it, and cut down the middle of the short side to the center.


Next, put it on your doll, and overlap the sides in the back (they’ll be angled, but that’s okay), and pin it into place.


For the next step, extra pins might be helpful.  You’ll need to sew a backstitched seam on each side, being careful not to scratch your doll in the process.  You get a lot of options here…you can choose to make it as tight or as loos as you want.  I chose to go moderately tight on most of mine.  WARNING: Be careful as you are sewing not to catch the flap that you pinned in your seam.


Now, we’re going to trim off the excess, and flip it inside out.  You’ll also need to add some velcro for closure, and optionally hem the neck.  I don’t always hem it if I’m using a t-shirt knit that doesn’t fray and looks okay raw. You can find a lot more details for stitching on velcro in this bodice tutorial. 🙂

Here’s my shirt all velcro-ed! 🙂  Next, I’m going to hem the neck.


If you want to add some geeky swag to your doll’s shirt, you can get iron-on transfer paper at your local craft or office supplies store.  I downloaded some simple logos from Google Images, sized them down in Pages (or Microsoft Publisher), and printed them out onto the paper following the box directions (make sure to reverse the image before you print it!!!!!), then ironed them onto the shirts following the box directions.

Here’s Poppy rocking out in her new Superman shirt!!


Have loads of fun making geeky shirts!!!!!  I have a very fun variation on this basic pattern to show you soon that will get its own post. 🙂

Here are some more photos of Poppy and Holly in some of the shirts I made for them. 🙂


100_2666 100_2667



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