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Monster High Ghoul Fair Elissabat Doll Review!

Greetings, Doll Dimensions readers!

Today, I’m super excited to be reviewing my first Monster High doll ever! 🙂  And here she is, Miss Elissabat!!!

100_0972Like I said, this is my first ever MH doll, and also an economy doll, so I was interested to see what the quality would be like compared to other dolls that I have had.

I found one of her at Target for about $13, and bought that one, realizing afterward that she had slightly wonky eyes, but then went across the street to Walmart and found this girl for only $10!  (and she doesn’t have wonky eyes at all!)

Here are some shots of the box, including the backstory on the line of dolls.

Am I the only one who finds the huge box art ever so slightly creepy? It’s not that I dislike the art itself, it’s just that it’s SO BIG!!! Anyway, I digress. 🙂

I wonder if this ties in with Freak du Chic?  I say that because both stories involve students raising money through a fair/circus…hmmmm…. Elissabat was quite simple to debox….there were three (yes, three) plastic tabs in her head but they were fairly easy to get out…same thing with the other plastic tabs around her waist and ankles.  I actually haven’t found any pointy ends left in her head–which is a miracle!

The plastic shell over the front came off with no problem at all, and the plastic pieces holding it in slipped right out.

100_0979 100_0980


Here she is in the box without the plastic–much easier to see!



At this point, I was most interested to see if her bangs would have tons of gel, like Cerise Hood’s bangs, or no gel, like Ginger Breadhouse’s bangs.

Here’s Elissabat exactly as she comes in the box:

100_0991I was also quite interested to see if the rubber bands holding that tray in her hands would come off easily, so that’s what I tackled first. I simply snipped in a couple of places, and voila!


“Could you kindly remove these octopus tentacles from my hands???”

Unfortunately, Elissabat has a horrid case of box hair…her bangs and the hair around the top of her head are gelled, and she has some tangles underneath.  I think that she’ll be getting a boil wash soon.  Note: Her hair streaks are slightly more cherry red than they appear in photos.



However, I was having a slightly hard time moving her head, and I realized that it was because a few strands of hair were caught up in her neck joint.  I was able to gently extract them, even thought a few broke…it’s not a big deal to me.


In that picture, though, you can see something that I’m confused about.  I knew that she would have pointed ears, and I’ve seen dolls with piercings that don’t actually go in all the way, and I’ve seen dolls with double piercings, but never at the same time!  I don’t dislike it, and it doesn’t change how I feel about the doll, since her ears are covered all the time, but it does make me wonder why.

Her bangs are slightly covering her eyebrows, so I lifted them up so that you could see her whole pretty face.

100_1000 100_1001

As far as faces go, she’s GORGEOUS.  I really like that her fangs aren’t super prominent, just because I think that it looks nice, delicate, and feminine, like Elissabat’s character.

I think that Mattel did a very clever thing with ‘Lissa’s outfit.  They tied in to the theme of bats, but also to her baking motifs.  Her dress features not only fluer-de-li-esque swirls and bats, but also whisks and rolling pins.

100_1010 100_1009

Now, I can see how with this being an economy doll, Mattel could have taken the easy way out and just done plain shoes.  In fact, at first I thought that they were relatively plain shoes with simple bats and spider webs.  I thought that the heel was a tassel.  It was only when I looked closer that I discovered that her heels are…wait for it…WHISKS!  I love that each part of her outfit ties back to the baking theme.

Spiderwebs on the sides
Bats on the front

Finally, I’ll show you her accessory.

100_1016 100_1018It’s hard to see in photos, but her bat cake pops have tiny faces with eyes and fangs on them.  I would have loved it if each individual cake pop came out, so that she could actually give them to people, but I can see how that would be expensive to make as well as a possible choking hazard.

I wanted to see how easy it was for her to hold the tray after the rubber bands were gone–and it’s great!  She can support it from underneath, or you can carefully set it in her hands.100_1025 100_1026Last but not least, I’d like to make a note about MH articulation.  This, as I said, is my first MH doll, though I’ve collected Ever After High dolls for a while.  I know that MH dolls are sometimes cheaper than EAH dolls in price, and while they have the same number of articulation points, I’m not sure if their range of motion is quite equal.  When I go to put ‘Lissa’s hand in a pose, such as up to her mouth, it sort of springs back.  Also, I’m not sure if this is specific to my doll, but mine had joints that stuck out a bit at the elbows when you pose her.  Overall, I think that EAH dolls feel more durable.  I don’t mind too much, though…MH dolls are still much better articulated than your typical playline doll.

Raven and Dexter stopped by to buy some cake pops and make a cameo appearance. 🙂

“Oooh, I love cake pops!”

I was also interested to see how the proportions compare on EAH dolls and MH dolls.  Elissabat is much skinnier than Raven, and has a more arched back.  She also appears to have legs that are ever-so-slightly skinnier than Raven.  Her face is also smaller overall, but I personally like variations in faces.

“I like your dress!” “I like yours!”
You can kind of see here the Elissabat’s arms are slightly bowed…I guess that it could be from being packaged holding her tray. Also, my Elissabat has faint marks on her lower arms from where she was packaged with the rubber bands…It doesn’t bother me, too much, though.


Still, though, she is incredibly fun to pose, and I like her a lot.  And that’s Ghoul Fair Elissabat! 🙂 🙂

“I think I need to go make more cake pops……”


Grace 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Monster High Ghoul Fair Elissabat Doll Review!

  1. Hi! I discovered you through the Dexter review on |Emily’s blog. Just stopped by te let you know you can straighten bowed doll limbs by shoving them into hot water. You can also shape them with hot water, for example fingers, and set them in the freezer.


    1. Thanks SO much!!!! That’s super helpful….I never knew that! 😀 I don’t want poor Elissabat to be stuck with “tray arms” forever! 😉


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