Ever After High Ginger Breadhouse Doll Review

Hey, everyone out there!!! If you love dolls and/or crafting, you’ve come to the right place!!!  Doll Dimensions will hopefully become a place where you can find fun and easy doll-related crafts that will expand the way that you play with/collect dolls. 🙂  This is my first ever post, so I hope that you like it!

Ginger was my first Ever After High doll…and I bought her mainly because I love her name (remind to tell you about my family’s gingerbread obsession sometime 😉 ), and because I love her in the webisodes…she’s SO cute!!!

In case you don’t know, Ginger is on the rebel side of the destiny conflict because she isn’t happy with her destiny.  Similar to Raven, Ginger is the daughter of a villain (the candy witch from Hansel and Gretel), is expected to be evil.  Also similar to Raven, Ginger doesn’t want to be a villain…She’d rather be a celebrity chef who bakes treats for everyone!  I really love baking, so Ginger’s character really connected with me.

So, I’ll admit here…I actually opened her on the way home from the store, so I don’t have any pictures of her in the box.  Here’s the box, minus Ginger:

Here’s Miss Ginger herself, along with her loot (the stand and brush have been customized, details are below)!

Ginger 1

Unfortunately, Ginger is one of the dolls that does not come with a lot of jewelry–but what she does come with is ADORABLE!  Similar to the Kitty Cheshire Arm Warmer Saga, Ginger was shown with a ring and bracelet in her stock photos, but they never made to the box.  As I said, though, what she does come with is super cute.

Ginger 2

First, she has a necklace that looks like tons of little candies!  It has little epaulettes, and it does kind of ride up on her shoulders when she moves her arms upward, and it does tend to spin around, but it’s still super cute.

100_2529 100_2530

Note: RayedelSol’s Etsy shop sells replacement rings and bracelets identical to the ones that were shown in Ginger’s stock photos.  You can find them here!

Her other accessories are her glasses.  I forgot to take before photos, but here they are after I added some yellow paint  to the candies on the edges.  They come in solid pink, but as you can see here, they have yellow on the corners in the webisodes.  I hope to write up a post soon about repainting EAH accessories.  They are spectacularly adorable, and I LOVE the way they look on her.


She also comes with this delightful cupcake headband!  It’s really cute, and I love how it sits slightly askew on her head.  I would say, however, that to keep her ponytails in good condition, you should be very gentle when putting it on her head.

100_2535 100_2536

Ginger’s purse might be my favorite part of the whole outfit!  It actually opens–something that I love in an EAH purse.  It looks like a cooking pot with a giant golden spoon curving out of it…it even has little golden bubble detailing!  Since it opens, I often use it to hold the other girls’ rings and bracelets.

100_2538 100_2540

Moving on from her accessories to her outfit, Ginger wears the most incredible frosting-themed dress, but we’ll get to that in a second.  First, let’s look at her jacket.  I can’t really decide if it is a super dark navy blue or black, but I like it either way!

100_2542 100_2543 100_2544

Also, it has this glittery yellow-gold cape on the back, almost like coat tails.  I’m not sure what the purpose of it is (I like to think that she’s channeling her inner Elsa 😉 ), but I don’t see it doing any harm.

Underneath, Ginger wears a tube dress that is by far the most visually stunning part of her outfit.  It’s decorated to look like stripes of frosting, with sparkly sprinkles!  It didn’t shed too much glitter, but when I first took her out of the box, it definitely dropped a tad.  The top is shaped with a stitch to make a sweetheart neckline, and the bottom has this fabulous scalloped edge.  I don’t care for the pointed darts on the sides…but they’re okay.  I really love how versatile this dress is–with the jacket it can become more of a modest look, but without it, the dress can become more of an evening gown or a sundress (minus the tights).

100_2545 100_2546 100_2547

I really love Ginger’s tights…Ever After High does amazingly cute tights on all of their dolls!  These are a huge reference to a famous dessert: Hostess Cupcakes!!! (Or Tasty Kakes, depending on where you’re from)  Part of the reason why I love these is because a while back I made homemade Hostess Cupcakes, and I had to make these very frosting swirls. 🙂  These are so, so, so, SO adorable, and are an awesome tieback to Ginger’s theme and her desire to become a celebrity chef.  Confession: I wish that I owned these tights in my size.


Finally, Ginger’s shoes!  Everyone raves about how awesome Monster High and Ever After High shoes are, and I must agree…these shoes are INCREDIBLE!!!!  The detail is amazing!  If you’ll notice, they look like dripping frosting and sprinkles, and the heels are little lollipops!  Other Confession: If I owned these in my size, I would wear them every day.

100_2550 100_2551

Last, but certainly not least, here is Ginger’s lovely face.  When I first saw the promo pics of her face a while back, I didn’t really care for it, but something about actually seeing her in person makes me like it a whole, whole lot better.  Her eyes are different than the other EAH girls in that there are indents in the face mold that the eyes are painted onto, as opposed to the face being flat.  I know that many were saying that they disliked the “moonfaced” look of a lot of the girls, but I love all of their molds–including the round and flat ones.  I think that it makes them look youthful, like they’re supposed to!  This is part of the reason why I don’t care for a few of the Monster High dolls…their super-strong cheekbones and face structures make them look older than they’re supposed to be.  I understand that many people may not agree, though, and I respect that. 🙂  Sorry, tangent over now! 😉

100_2552 100_2555

She has dotted eye makeup, which, like I said, is slightly different than the other EAH gals.  I like that they all have distinctive looks about them–it makes them very un-cookie-cutter (is that even a word?).  Ginger wears pink lipstick, and she doesn’t have the usual triple dot lip gloss.


Ginger’s hair is super-soft, and gave me a great first impression of EAH hair, because it has NO GEL!  I loved this, and I especially appreciated that unlike Cerise Hood’s bangs, which are plastered down to her head, Ginger has no gel whatsoever in her bangs.

Her pink hair is pulled into two low ponytails.  I love this, but at some point very soon I will probably curl her hair, to make it look more like the swirled look that she has in the webisodes.  Mine actually came with a knot/twisty piece which you can see in the second picture below.  I actually considered snipping it, but I haven’t…I managed to untwist it a bit, and that helped, but it was probably just a factory fluke.

100_2561 100_2562

Oops, I almost forgot!  Ginger also comes with her diary, her stand (which is black), and a hairbrush (which is also black).  They come in solid black, but as soon as I got her, I painted gold accents on them using It’s a Doll World After All’s tutorial on painting EAH accessories.  I used gold nail polish and sealed it with a clear polish…I love how it the clear polish added a glossy shine to the black background!

100_2566 100_2568 100_2569 100_2570

I’d like to make a last little note about Ginger’s articulation.  As I said earlier, Ginger was my first Ever After High doll, and I was extremely, extremely, EXTREMELY impressed with the articulation.  I grew up with lots of Barbies and other fashion dolls, and I always loved to set them up in scenes.  As you may know, normal Barbies are not the most posable dolls in the world.  A few years back, I received Video Camera Barbie for Christmas.  While not the most versatile doll in terms of clothing (she has a camera lens in her neck and her hood is permanently sewn to her body), she was the first doll I ever had with joints in her wrists, elbows, and knees.  Ever After High, however, beats them all!  The articulation in Ginger is incredible, and she is at least a hundred times as posable as a normal Barbie.  The fact that her hands can be removed is awesome–it allows her clothes to be fitted tighter in the arms, and makes it much easier for me when I am sewing outfits for her.  Here are a few comparison photos to show you the superior pose-ability of Ginger when compared to a normal Barbie (shown here is my custom Honey Lemon doll, who will hopefully have a post of her own soon!).

100_2571 100_2572

And that’s Ginger Breadhouse!  I plan to make her a gingerbread house studio soon where she can film her cooking show, and I’ll be sure to post a tutorial when I do!  I absolutely love Ginger, and she gave me an awesome first impression of Ever After High dolls.  Her personality and story are adorable, and she is by far my favorite character in the show.  Here are some of favorite shots of Ginger. 🙂

This one is blurry because Ginger and I were jamming out to the Monkees when I took it. 😉
“Oh My!”
“Aren’t cooking shows FABULOUS?!”



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